Monster Hunter Stories  
Monster Hunter Stories

A new direction for the popular Monster Hunter series.

· Nintendo 3DS

· Capcom

Capcom Japan
Capcom us
Capcom Europe

  Release Date  
10.08.2016 Japan
09.08.2017 us
09.08.2017 Europe
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·Monster Hunter Stories Shows a Day in the Life of Rider 09.07.2017  
·Monster Hunter Stories Gets Overview Trailer 08.12.2017  
·Monster Hunter Stories Tells Its North American Release, Demo 07.31.2017  
·Monster Hunter Stories Hits Europe in September 06.23.2017  
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·Lilia Demonstrates Monster Hunter Stories 10.07.2016  
·Capcom Unveils Monster Hunter Stories' Opening Cinematic 10.03.2016  
·Capcom Unveils Monster Hunter Stories' Opening Cinematic 10.03.2016  
·Monster Hunter Stories Comes to Tokyo With New Trailer 09.16.2016  
·Monster Hunter Stories Characters Take Center Stage 09.12.2016  
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·Monster Hunter Stories Begin in the Fall 05.26.2016  
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