Magna Carta: Chinhongeui Seongheun - Screen Shots
05.14.2005 Pre-E3 Screens
They're grrrrrreat! Wait a're not Tony the Tiger Which will you choose?
Getting attacked by birdies Unloading on a monster man Nice special effects
Lizard/bird hybrid? You CRAZY! 26 HP...ouchin'
Battle stances Purple haze all in my brain Purple attack
On the receiving end Hmm, circle, x, or x? Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!
Surrounded Powering up Psychedelic, man
Looks like a fire attack Wardrobe supplied by Hot Topic Using a skill
Further on in the skill Nice architecture CG shot of Reith, the mysterious girl Calintz runs into
CG of a battle with a monster Closer shot of the monster A mysterious man
Hey Sephiroth, wrong game Another shot of Reith Uh, nice outfit
Dialogue Standing around Staring into the sky
Hey buddy, no shirt, no shoes, no service Getting ready to get into a fight? A little girl and her doll
Definitely a bad guy More dialogue A save point, perhaps?
Walking on the map Ruins Even more dialogue
Swinging at something on the map Counter attack Some sort of puzzle, perhaps
Status screen A different status screen Yet another status screen
One more status screen
08.06.2004 Great Screens The Magicbox
A different kind of one-winged angel Hey, buddy--wanna buy a watch? This fight is scheduled for 15 rounds.
A leisurely stroll about town Status screen Blue circle of light = good thing
Run, Calintz, run! At the gates Up the stairs
Talking with the locals Let there be light Why is healing magic always green?
Four-hit combo 12 damage No, really, it's great.
Round and round it goes... Epicenter SFX brought to you by Banpresto
That looks...bad Shocking! Toasty
Pincer attack Interrogation Uh-oh...
Get a charge out of life Powering up... Where are you aiming?
Down, into the darkness A rather intimidating path At an entrance
Nice to meet you, Riisu Riisu apologizing Calintz
Group of three Talk on the road Looking down
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