LUNAR:The Silver Star Production CD's

In the course of manufacturing LUNAR:The Silver Star, we used seven different labels. The first one did not take the art all the way to the center because SEGA manufactured it themselves and were not familiar with the "groove fill" process. All subsequent CD's were manufactured under our direct control and have art nearly to the center hole on the disc. Therefore, the only difference between disc one and disc two is that disc two (the one we manufactured) goes all the way to the center of the CD and disc one does not (the art is the same on both, as you can see. This is the first time the full available collection of LUNAR:The Silver Star CD's has been seen publicly, as we wanted to keep it a secret until all product was nearly sold-out to discourage collectors from tearing open packages at retail to see which disc is inside. Now, serious collectors can barter and trade with friends or over the internet to collect all seven labels. Oh, and by the way, Disc 7 is the most rare. Disc 1 is the most common.
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