Lufia & The Fortress of Doom - MIDI
Lufia & The Fortress of Doom MIDI Music Collection
Air Falcon SinclairC
Air Falcon Arranged Pteryx / SinclairC
Attacked by Monsters SinclairC
Battle Theme SinclairC
Black Market SinclairC
Boss Battle SinclairC
Castle Theme SinclairC
Cave Theme SinclairC
Dead Theme SinclairC
Destroyed Town Theme SinclairC
Doom Island SinclairC
Doom Island Undersea Ruins SinclairC
Fanfare SinclairC
Fortress of Doom SinclairC
Fortress of Doom ~ (X-MIDI-1 Remix) Lynn
Gate of Journey SinclairC
Guard Daos SinclairC
Hope Fades Away Yudukikai
Inn Theme SinclairC
Introduction SinclairC
Introduction (QTMI) SinclairC
Lufia's Theme SinclairC
Lufia's Theme Remix
Map Theme SinclairC
Map Theme - 2 Yudukikai
Port Theme SinclairC
Theme of Sorrow SinclairC
Theme of Sorrow - 2 Yudukikai
Sea Falcon SinclairC
Shaia Laboratory SinclairC
Shop Theme SinclairC
The Four Sinistrals SinclairC
Start Screen SinclairC
Sub Falcon SinclairC
Title / Main Theme SinclairC
Tower Theme SinclairC
Town Theme SinclairC
Town Theme - 2 Yakra XIII
A Tragedy SinclairC
Village Theme SinclairC
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