I Promise You, I Will Protect You
Elizabeth Whittaker


Am I left to wonder why this always happens?

Her long hair blew in the wind as she stood by the edge of the lake, lavender eyes staring at the sky. It had grown into a soft haze of blue and orange, with just a bit of red. Darkness had crept in and the girl sat down, staring at her reflection.

Destiny has to repeat itself, time and time again. But it always ends the same.

A sardonic smile crossed her face, showed in the pool of water. Her tiara of Pripheas were slowly dying, as it had been made a few days ago. Even with the bit of magic she had, the girl could not keep that fresh forever.

No matter what, I can't get what happened at Soshette out of my mind.

A hand reached out to touch the water, to put ripples in the reflection. But before that, she heard a voice calling out. Muffled. Soft. But still the voice of her childhood friend.

If I told you that I would die, even after I promised I would not…what would you say? Would you still have taken me with you? Would you still let me fight by your side?

The voice was closer as she stood, picking up her staff hurriedly. Darkness was already closing in. The girl sighed, brushing off her dress of any dirt that was on it. “Alright, I'm coming!” She looked to the water one last time, a wind creeping and blowing furiously, warning her of a storm.

No matter: if I do die, I will do it to protect you. This I promise.