Shadow Hearts II - Artwork
09.29.2004 A bit more artwork
Cornelia Costume Carla Edward
Bishop Jovis
02.17.2004 More Artwork
Albert Simon Edgar Anastasia
Ernest·T·Seaton Gerard Mazymell Great Gama
Pieerre Mazymell Urmnaf Bort Hyuga Marakia
Nox Carol Element Water
Element Mu Middle of the Castle
11.10.2003 Just a few more characters
Carla Lucia Sarah
09.29.2003 Characters and cute little paper picture things
Uhhhh HAHAHAH! So sad...
Edward Lawrence The comfy chair A lit hallway
Joachim Valentine Kallen Koenig part two Roger Bacon
Urmnaf Bort Hyuga Veronica Vera *Sigh*
Jeanne = Jeanne House on the docks
08.08.2003 More Characters, Elements, and Backgrounds
Element Dark Element Earth Element Wind
Jeanne Blanc Geppetto and Cornelia
Rene Curtis Street corner Run down bell tower
Castle entrance Gothic church Bright orange sunset
Inside the church
06.26.2003 Character Art and Element Stones
Nicholas Conrad Kallen Koenig Element Fire
Element Light
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