Kingdom Hearts II - Screen Shots
04.29.2005 Official Screens
Sora and Auron fight together Deadly whirl Hades is shocked
Hades stays out of the way Big blaze Whirls and pillars of fire
Sora and Auron bring their blades together That'll leave a mark Sora strikes a pose in combat
Ha ha, owned! Sora goes airborne Watch your head!
Shiny and deadly Excuse me while I kiss the sky It's Megara
Pete and Hades try to identify some roadkill Ugh, not one of those guys! Chill out, Hothead
I see you've been flossing These people just won't go away Pete is batty
Hercules has an angst moment Hades makes Herc an offer Hades rants in person instead of in his blog
Back from the Farplane? Mushu doesn't know when to shut up Say what?
Make Donald mad, get a free chiropractic treatment Yes, I am the bad guy Bad guys rarely do their own dirty work
Do you know how much hairgel this took?! Uh oh, busted. Happy faces!
Sheesh, everyone has a black cloak now Careful, that bird's beak looks sharp
09.28.2004 TGS 2004 Screens GPara
Didn't stand a chance Bright light, Sora The enemies scatter
Fused with Goofy Mulan and Sora prepared for defense "But why did you have to break the green one?"
Yeah, nice black lamp Pete The horror "Don't knock the jacket"
Welcome back Cerberus Mushu and Mulan
05.13.2004 E3 Screens
Sora soars Ring Attack Beauty and the Donald
Go to...well...Hades Herc says Hi Mickey from behind
My Hero Mickey Dimensional Nice Bells
Lighted Street Dark Meeting Evil is buff!
10.07.2003 First Screens
Sora in fighting stance You look familiar Sora dreams
Flames are dancing Cult members Meeting
Who's up there? Surrounded Sunset
Little island It's back What's that?
Goofy is looking goofy The chase
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