RPGamer Feature - LISA Interview
Developer: Dingaling Productions
Release Date: 12.15.2014

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LISA is a grim, sticky look at a wasteland full of violence gangs. The survivors are off-kilter murderers, slimy perverts, and the exceptionally cagey. We were able to chat with Austin Jorgensen, the maestro of pain, about his creation. There were no survivors.

Zach Welhouse (RPGamer, Reviewer): LISA has been praised for many things: tough choices, meditations on sacrifice and loss, and overt weirdness. Was there anything about it that wasn't received like you thought it would be?
Austin Jorgensen (LISA, Creator): I think the most negative thing about the game is the engine it was built on. It isn't optimized for Steam and its features. Aside from that there hasn't been one central thing that is widely disliked... Maybe all the bad grammar and bugs actually.

ZW: On the flipside, it's often said that people are their own worst critics. What would you change if LISA were to have a director's cut? Does the recently released PAIN MODE feed into this?
AJ: Autosave would be great, forcing you to stick with your choices. Pain mode does sort of remedy this. Also, I would've liked to add more side quests to flesh out your party members some more.

ZW: What were some of your inspirations for LISA, video game or otherwise?
AJ: Mainly pro wrestling and Earthbound. Also my own life.

ZW: Should serious gaming critics be psychoanalyzing you through LISA? What reoccuring symbols and situations should they look for in order to know you better?
AJ: It could be fair. I think so, yeah. I think one of the big themes is people doing what they think is right. Problem is, what's right for some is not right for others. That's a big reoccuring theme.

ZW: Why the morbid sense of humor? How do you see it interacting with the less humorous parts of the game?
AJ: I guess it's just in my personality? I didn't set out to be morbid, I just did what gave me a chuckle.

Also, I never really considered how the humor would mix with the darker elements. The game just kind of stumbled out of my mind. I wouldn't consider it to be well constructed and thoroughly planned out.

ZW: How much impact did the Kickstarter backers have on the game's final shape? I see fourteen backers became NPCs, ten became party members, and one became the boss of a gang.
AJ: A lot of the Kickstarter characters have caused some mystery haha. I'll say this though. Anytime you encounter a character that makes no sense when they speak to you, it is most likely a Kickstarter backer. :)

ZW: Due to the success of LISA's Kickstarter campaign, you're now working on a follow-up starring Buddy, the last girl. What makes Buddy's story so compelling? Will all the mysteries of LISA be revealed?
AJ: Well, you are the last girl left on Earth. It's an interesting position to be in. I hope to give the player some choice as to how they choose to live out the life of Buddy.

Will you hide and try to protect yourself? Or take the risk and make it widely known of her presence and power? And yes, more questions will be asked and answered.

ZW: What are your plans for after Buddy's game?
AJ: I have a few ideas for future games outside of the RPG genre. <3

ZW: We'd be interested in hearing more when the time comes! Thanks for talking with us, and good luck with your future projects!
AJ: Thank you! <3

RPGamer would like to thank Austin Jorgensen one more time for taking the time to chat with us about LISA. Thanks, Austin!

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