Grunty Help
Al Kristopher


I was minding my own business in one of the infinite World areas when I heard a voice cry out to me. I turned to the shout of help, and saw a young girl run up to me, a Blademaster. I couldn't help but notice her ogling me for a few seconds before she got down to business. She said that while journeying in the field, her Grunty had stopped suddenly and was now acting strangely. It was in trouble with an enemy monster--and Grunties do not encounter enemies. Fearing the worst (though knowing this fear to be baseless) I ran towards the creature with her following. She was my biggest fan, she said along the way, and thanked me for the help. I smiled and told her it was my pleasure and duty.

Identifying herself as Zivi, president of the Descendants of Fianna Fan Club's Sea division (which meant her previous statement of admiration was true), the girl led me to the Grunty, who, to my relief, was simply encountering a very normal monster, not one bugged. It seemed as if while riding the Grunty, a slight glitch in the system caused a monster to cast Confuse on it, thereby inducing its strange actions. I used a Restorative on the creature, slew the monster that had caused the affliction, and things seemed normal again.

The girl Zivi thanked me with a gush, hugged me, and kissed my cheek: Thnx man UR the rockingest knight man ever I LURB YOO :ox. I wished her good luck and care, and logged out after assuming my business was done. “Minor” events such as this remind me why I ever really began this game in the first place.