Growlanser Generations - Review

Growlanser II > Growlanser III
By: Christopher Beaupre

Review Breakdown
   Battle System 4
   Interaction 3
   Originality 3
   Story 3
   Music & Sound 3
   Visuals 3
   Challenge Hard
   Completion Time 38-54 hours  

The Delux Pack, but would you really wear the watch?

Looking at the big picture, Growlanser Generations has a lot to offer to both Tactical RPGs and traditional RPG fans. While players might be upset at the shortness of Growlanser II, the quality level and replay ability is very high. It is just short enough that it seems like no big deal to replay through several times trying for all the different ending. It cuts through all the bull and delivers a very solid TRPG experience. Those upset with the linearity of Growlanser II should be appeased by Growlanser III. Both games offer several different endings and have unlockable extras consisting of bloopers and artwork. The addition of the game+ mode where you get to keep all your rings and gems makes it worth while to play though many times.

Growlanser Generations can be purchased in two forms: the simple two-game edition for $49.99 and the Deluxe Pack for $89.99. The Deluxe Pack includes your very own Growlanser watch and case, as well as a ring, chain, and storage pouch. Card players will rejoice to have their own deck of Growlanser playing cards, each with its own customized artwork. Finally the Deluxe Pack comes with a full soundtrack with 25 specially arranged themes.

Only true collectors should consider picking up the Deluxe pack. To all others Growlanser Generations is worth at least a rental if you don't feel like dropping $49.99 on the standard edition. If you only had time to play Growlanser II, it would still be worth it.

Growlanser II - Growlanser III

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