Grandia III - Screen Shots
05.11.2005 Exciting screens
Looking fashionable "If I ford the river, I may lose 4 oxen..." Disco Battle: Round I
Bringing out the feathered friends A perfect place for a boss battle Castle in the sky
What's on the other side is even more tempting
04.11.2005 New screens Source (53-54): Game Watch (55-82): ITMedia Games
Pretty Scenery Siblings Reflection
Bubbleboy Watch out for the blue circles Birds
Hellfire The Sun attack? Interesting design
This will probably hurt Ahhhh, fresh air! The menu
The menu. Part deux Evil crystal ball Is that a giant book in front of him?
Reading is bad on your eyes! There, look at the sun instead Wandering around town
That spiral looks mighty ominous Hmmmm, that water looks mighty ominous too See, now that looks normal
That's pretty big Polly want a cracker?! Hmmmm, was it supposed to be a left at the crossroads?
Traveling on a.... yacht.... The moon look closer than normal to you? Hmmm, definitely should have gone left
Hanging out on a roof Looking hungry there See, the sun is indeed fun
04.08.2005 Official Shots
Vortex of doom The wind beneath my wings A tender moment
Let's roll, yo So serene A cameo of Besaid Island's waterfalls
Time to build a sandcastle Yuuki visits the Calm Lands It's all goooood, duder
Word up, sucka "Check out my grill" On the move
Discussing the movie from the night before Flying through the clouds *Gasp!*
Ever pondering Alfina's looking royal Go, go fiery orb
High shot Tall, dark, and creepy Power spell #54
Light the underworld Fighting a lizard Bad kitty, no catnip
One hurtin' hotfoot Alfina and Yuuki doubleteam the enemy Flame sabre attack
Wireframe globe in the sky The damage is gonna be massive KABOOM!
Ice rain
04.07.2005 First Blurry Screens Impress
Kinda looks like a gunblade...without the gun Hansel finally abandons Gretel Frolicking amongst the trees
"5 miles to Minas Tirith? Where the heck am I?" The scarecrow uprising of 1652 resulted in a dramatic decrease in the world's bird population I know that's a menu, but it'd be sooo much cooler if you could poke baddies with it
Colorful auras Atlas takes a coffee break... OMG VERTIGO!
For those of you in preschool, that's 169 damage Blurry battle scene We call that the super-burrito
That staff is just for looks; her real weapon is her razor-sharp hair Somebody's hurtin' A random blue light amid chaos
Because everybody knows a chameleon's natural weakness is a glowing staff Totally awesome Japanese menu screen Flaming weaponry
Looks like a malfunctioning amusement park ride... Don't jump! Showin' a 'tude on the cliffs
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