Full Metal Alchemist: Curse of the Crimson Elixir - Screen Shots
04.26.2005 Shiny New Screens
Friends or foes? That's cheating More gun shots
Up you go "Your shoes always get so dirty" He can fight without the giant gun too
That would hurt Head shot Showing off
Beating up someone twice his size Another head shot That would hurt more
Kicking another enemy
08.19.2004 Plethora of new screens The Magicbox
Edward and the fat man Where are the clothes again? Hmmmm, that coffee was cold
Nice jacket? Take a little of this!! ...and a little of that!!
When lightning strikes The lightning doesn't go away so easily It'll only hurt for a while
Follow that pogo stick See Al, told you this would come in handy Ok, which way to go now
Whoa, the sauna is hot today Cow alchemy Boomerangs work well in small spaces?
Q-Bert..... what are you doing? Bright light attack Star Shaped punch
Star Shaped kick as well See, and the knife is still like new When empty rolls of toilet paper go bad
Swirling yellow light is bad, right? Green explosions definitely aren't good Exploding animals
Just cleaning up the garbage Quite the extension Phil the cow was always wanting to fly
Steam attack! Ok, now that hurt pretty bad The bigger they are, the more it hurts to punch them
06.24.2004 First Look The Magicbox
Edward the gymnast Bad Edward. No smoking at gas stations. Al looking worn out
Looks like a pretty hard punch Edward coming to an abrupt stop The philosopher's stone?
Edward up close and personal Pretty hairstyle


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