Front Mission Online - Screen Shots
11.20.2004 Heavy metal screens The Magic Box
Get some, Grache.Oniell! Ocenania Cooperative Union Face type 1
Male face 1 Female face 2 Male body type
The name game Personality Assault
Missileer Mechanic New Wanzer
Huge mecha The same grey mecha Nice pants
Frontline Zone Say what? Viduka.npc
Everyone fear enemy.npc Back up off my grill Wanzer destroyed
Its chopper time Payday!
09.04.2004 Mecha Mania The Magic Box
A wall of flames Fill a job slot Roger that, SamM
Flanked by allies Stock list Shop list
Block C-2. Got it. Refused?! Why that little... Read a map
BIG gun Aiming up Another angle
That's one small step... Nighttime combat Just try to get past.
What's that about a rocket? Yeah, come and get it. Strolling through the desert
07.24.2004 First Screens MagicBox
The bridges used to seem so much bigger Shooting in the dessert Blowing up another Wanzer in the dessert
Shooting at something on the Plains Guarding the Bunkers This mountain shall not be taken!
My, what a big club that is Menu-based upgrading More upgrading
Blowing up stuff at the airport Explosions at the train depot Targeting the Wanzer
A nice day at the beach..... blow stuff up, apparently Explosions in the city
The battle has been waged The forrest seems so small The stand-off then got worse
Jets, are they enemies? A grid Revisiting the beach
Taking alot of damage on the beach Taking the shot Hmmmm, does this use broadband?
A larger, more unusual grid than before That's a lot of enemies Lot's of explosions
How are these buildings taking the beating? It's green and tall..... ummm, it's a forrest of trees


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