Final Fantasy X - 2 - Screen Shots
11.05.2003 TGS 2003 Screens
Virtual Boy makes a cameo Hmm, it says here I should have taken a left at Albuquerque Would you look at that go first
09.21.2003 X-2 International Screens Magic Box
Rikku and Yuna should be closer together
06.02.2003 E3 Screens
Chain attacks This'll be some good eating Mission Complete!
Mechanical madness I bought these glasses in Millasia Paine is ready
Rikku's ready too Six hits times two What are they standing on?
Yuna poses Yuna the white mage
03.01.2003 Tons of New Screens
Check out my cool front door And my neato porchlights A snappy dresser
Hallway meeting Back here again Yuna checks out his hair
Another hallway meeting He's talking again! Yuna's status screen
Sparkle sparkle Blue jello monster Looks good in purple
Waiting.. Shields up 1000 damage
3 against 2 Dark gunner transformation start... ... and finish
Rikku stands ready Beachside house Belladonna speaks
Big bowtie Run for it! Rikku starts her transformation
Windy in here A bright flash of light Changing clothes
So cute! Playing with fire Purple swirl
Ready to go! Arrr Just a little close?
Nice supenders Another snappy dresser Rikku asks
That's what I said Yuna speaks Gipple has a couple questions
Just a little dusty Go for a ride? The Al bhed go skiing
Check out those trees Haven't we been here before? O'aka's back
Messing with a result plate Using a plate in battle Connect the dots
It's White Mage Yuna Tic tac toe? I'll just stay back here
Fore Fear my dark attack thingies! Samurai Paine
Paine changes jobs Jump! Would you like to buy something?
A cactar coin Core break
02.05.2003 Additional Screens  
A shady character.... Pop Star Barbie....err....Yuna?! I guess the camera man fell asleep...
Oh no... the look of "prepare to have your rear kicked!" Not so scary this time... She can really hold a note for a while
Loser. I see you too Everyone... do the robot
Mr....roboto..... Yes, I did say five. A battle scene... looks to be a start of a special attack.
Mystery fighter or some new clothes? Snap to the beat. Definently a special attack
Monster go boom Boom boom boom for 107, Alex. Yuna standing in front of a large building.. a temple maybe
A group of soldiers A memory perhaps "Yes, I do care."
Oh, it's about *that* time in the fuzzy flashback How sad.... Duck and cover
Someone's watching Yuna through a device All those dancing classes finally pay off "No... I don't want any Avon products!"
"I said no!!" ....still singing that same old tune... Is that leather?
02.02.2003 Smaller Screens  
But... I wanted to drive! The trio prepares We didn't mean what we said, Paine!
Walking away Discussing the latest fashion The men never change clothing?
Taking orders The Goth Queen returns Looks like a cat fight...
Is that a behemoth? "Sandworms - ya hate 'em, right?" Beefing up defenses
Surrounded! Menu screens A device -- Al Bhed?
Glowing ethereal light The biggest mashed potato machine ever Rikku, looking awfully exuberant
Firefly convention? Does this make me look fat? A storm is brewing...
Dispensing justice and punishment In the heat of battle Airborne warfare
Someone should turn the lights on Most painful uppercut *ever* Rikku simply isn't playing games!
A duel, of sorts Picking a new dress for battle In the middle of a PG-13 transformation
More clothes swapping Changing clothes, turned spiritual Reflected in the blade
Yuna, the fighter! The battle rages on She's going to get a stiff neck
Chatting with his own kind A veritable neck breaker Perhaps they're seeking assistance?
Somebody just got busted A more friendly Paine Behave, or you end up swabbing the deck!
01.10.2003 Additional Screens  
Nice tattoo Errr...ummm Hop on in!
Nice glasses Look, over there! "Don't be so down."
Fan service! Going buggy? Getting up close and personal
Some conversation Just a little more forward... Expressive!
Hmmmmmmm... Al Bhed trio Some attitude
Not quite Team Rocket Funny suit! "Look, I shaved."
Working at a panel A vehicle No privacy here
Grand meeting? Inside the airship Looks awful dour
Brother: still shirtless Discovery  
11.25.2002 Lots of New Screens  
Rikku catches some rays The Le Blanc Gang The most active link ever
"No YOU look like a slut!" "Look Ma! I'm on TV! Thinking session
Mystery girl "Well MY sword has purple stripes!" Aboard the airship
Team Rocket! There's a friendly look The airship crew
Standing proud "Look! The letters are purple!" A blue monkey
"And that, as they say, is that." Make your choice "I'm a ballerina!"
"I put deodorant on, take off that gas mask." " smell! I'm hiding here!" Blue Monkey Bartender
The blue monkey speaks... "Ta-daaaaaa!" Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
A not-so-active link Shoulder-check A scorpion...motorcycle...thing
The command deck Hotel No-Privacy Gathering of freaks
10.31.2002 New Screens  
Wierdest machine ever Zoom! Can I borrow a razor?
Maybe I should take off MORE clothes and swim... That must have cost a fortune What's hanging off her hood? Kids these days...
10.23.2002 First Screens  
Al Behd confrontation Yuna scales the cliff A strange environment
Towering above the storm A blue glow fills the room Turn around so we can see you!
"I hope I won the lottery tonight..." "You're selling ultra slim-fast?" A spell is cast
Weeeeee! Kilika Another view of Kilika
Talking to the machina Machina in the temple Beat up that monster!
"Wanna ride this puppy? Pay up!" Yuna is going to make a couple well-timed jumps "Sorry, we don't have any Chocobos."
Yuna stares into your soul She remembers you're not supposed to look into the camera Yuna and Rikku on a ship
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