Final Fantasy X-2 - Artwork
09.21.2003 X-2 International Artwork Magic Box
A poster of the three, in Japanese Yadnoki Tower
09.03.2003 Character Artwork
Yuna, now with guns! Group Collage Yuna and Tidus clones
Yuna lookalike Gippal, Baralai, Nooj Embracing under a.. skull?
Before After Amano Tidus and Yuna
Relaxing with Al Bhed New Amano Yuna Trio
Moss covered cliff Wandering souls Ruins of a city
Cavern Castle made of coral Cool waterfalls
Samurai #1 Samurai #2 She's evil, I take it
Shuin Nooj Lenne
Yuna character sketch Rikku again ...and Paine follows
Yuna poster Rikku poster Paine poster
Gunner - Yuna Gunner - Rikku Gunner - Paine
Thief - Yuna Thief - Rikku Thief - Paine
Warrior - Yuna Warrior - Rikku Warrior - Paine
Songstress - Yuna Songstress - Rikku Songstress - Paine
Lady Luck - Yuna Lady Luck - Rikku Lady Luck - Paine
White Mage - Yuna White Mage - Rikku White Mage - Paine
Black Mage - Yuna Black Mage - Rikku Black Mage - Paine
Gun Mage - Yuna Gun Mage - Rikku Gun Mage - Paine
Samurai - Yuna Samurai - Rikku Samurai - Paine
Dark Knight - Yuna Dark Knight - Rikku Dark Knight - Paine
Alchemist - Yuna Alchemist - Rikku Alchemist - Paine
Trainer - Yuna Trainer - Rikku Trainer - Paine
Berserker - Yuna Berserker - Rikku Berserker - Paine
Mascot - Yuna Mascot - Rikku Mascot - Paine
Guess who! Be afraid! She's hot, literally
Floral Fallal Machina Maw Full Throttle
Shuin Scenes Lenne Scenes
06.02.2003 E3 Artwork
Bahamut Celsius Environment
Paine Yuna CG Model Yuna White Mage
03.01.2003 New Artwork
Baralai Black Mage Rikku Dark Gunner Yuna
Gambler Rikku Gippel Samurai Paine
02.02.2003 More Artwork
"Strike a pose, there's nothin' to it..." Rikku getting wikked Freeze, punk!
In another life, her last name was Spears... Basic character drawing
01.10.2003 Rikku Artwork  
CG Rikku    
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