Final Fantasy Tactics - Screen Shots
11.06.2001 More Retro-Media  
A new day dawns over the land Welcome to the title screen Choose your name...wisely
Blasted ruins War chocobos in the mountains War chocobos in the forest
Shifty, super-deformed eyes There are rude knaves everywhere! Finish your sentences, man
The church looms Fire blade up the...nose Ramza prepares to run and hide
Meager list of abilities How far you can run Much like the sword of Damocles
This game is worth playing if only for the dialogue What's so steady about it? Ahh...sweet potion
The Eye of Sauron This is gonna hurt You know what's coming
And the death toll rises It burns! Sneaky!
Ramza always has to have everything spelled out for him No, put her in the other corner! Venus' info
Preparing to storm the town Climb on the roof Watch where you throw that thing
Status check? Now is not the best time for a nap Ganging up in the corner
What's so magic about it? Ability buying Class change time
Outside the city Are you sure you want to upgrade your sword? Yeah, I'm pretty sure  
08.27.2001 Retro-Media  
Ready! Attack! Singling out the enemy
Gee, I wonder if it hurt Casting a spell Now he's asking for it
Finishing touch Waiting for orders Form your party!
World map Beside the dying king Speechless
Surrounded The death corps? Congratulations!
Sounds like a good idea to me In a meeting Looking over the water
Here come the women Pardon me Load your game
What can I do for you? Reviewing your characters I saw this way too many times
Battling on the plains Being swarmed  
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Praying for salvation Winning conditions Looming magic
Yeah, I hear a lot of things Must have had mute cast on him Twilight magic
All in a line Those buildings are always in the way Andy's on the move
Pillaging the dead bodies, you find... Small characters in a big world Impressive mage battle
Samurai army Heal me, mage! Snowy cabin
Ride the windmill's blades Did I see this room in Vagrant Story? Lava rocks
An elaborate chamber Bahamut wreaks havoc Desert ruins
Dragoon pikes Ride them chocobos The title screen
Warriors battle on an isometric bridge Two chocobo riders confer A battle of not-so-epic proportions
A conference of sorts between four people A dragon attacks a party on the parapets  
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