Final Fantasy IX - Propaganda
02.25.2002 Soundtrack Scans
Front Cover
Back Cover
Another back cover
Another front cover
Melodies of Life sheet music
Nobuo Uematsu and Emiko Shiratori
Nobuo Uematsu alone
Emiko Shiratori alone
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Page 3
Page 10
01.11.2001 Magazine Ad
Buy the music Now!
11.27.2000 English Commercials Source:
Can two survive as one?
A heart without hope
10.28.2000 More Merchandise Source: IGN
January - Zidane Tribal
February - Garnet til Alexandros the 17th
March - Vivi Orunitia
The cast
Party of three
Vivi in the darkness
10.28.2000 Magazine Advertising, November 2000  
A moogle endorsing a strategy guide
Vivi looking firey and menacing
10.04.2000 Collectibles Source: (FF9 goods page)
Vivi with a chain
Vivi Frame-holder
Moogle Plushie
Bully-bug plushie
08.15.2000 Magazine Advertising
September Ads
07.20.2000 Commercials Source: Ruliweb, Techside Gamer
Vivi in the rain.
Prerendered Commercial
History Lesson
06.27.2000 Japanese Trailer Source: Ruliweb
05.03.2000 Wallpaper Source: IGN
Zidane - 640x480 - 800x600 - 1024x728
Zidane, Steiner, and Vivi - 640x480 - 800x600 - 1024x728
Prima Vista - 640x480 - 800x600 - 1024x728
04.02.2000 Coke Commercial Source: Magicbox
A Coca-Cola commercial featuring FF9 characters
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