Final Fantasy IX - Screen Shots
10.08.2000 Twenty-four New Screens Source: RPGFan
Tail attack Arrest and Punish Crystalline attack
Blizzard Sword Fire! A river runs through
An attack Blue light Sealion?
Black Waltz Confrontation Phoenix Down = Good
Icy battle Sleeping juice Attacking
Ice Cavern "The wind lays out my path..." Running on ice
More ice A beautiful place Icy remembrances
Wha? Goblin Punch More Fire!!
10.02.2000 Forty-two New Screens Source: IGN
Battle in the cold Zidane casts his doubt Trance
Energy Gathers Pink Power Feel the force
Vivi, concerned Zidane saved the day Staircase discussion
Steiner finds something Blank is nonchalant Fire, fire, heh heh heh
I'll wing you! Victory! (?) Steiner blows steam
You're a black mage! Ever the playboy Remind anyone of TwinHarp?
Good, it's unanimous Vivi casts fire Is that a mage?
Muguru wa kawaii desu But does the moogle see you? Botanic menace
Flower fighting Where is she? Fire sword
Plants burn A shining light! Command? Running through the woods
More woods running Strange creatures Movie scene close-up
Take it easy, the kid's only 9 FF9 brings MP back, like this does More fighting in the cold
Zidane tries to make peace The punctuation formerly known as spacebar Moogle talk
What's the cave like? The wonders of spelunking Still more chilly combat
07.20.2000 Battles and a World Tour
Flying around on the airship The Airship (sideview) The Airship (rearview)
Casting Faira Fighting Big Monsters Squirrel!
Attacking a squirrel A victory dance We win again!
When your sword is as big as your head... Attack of the killer birds Big blue things :)
A knight-like enemy The Treno region Back to nature
The mighty Atomos decends from the sky Atomos is the universe's best vacuum The town of Treno
Odin holds his sword angrily Odin rides in on Slepnir Welcome to Dali
Ice Caverns Dali Outskirts Outside Dali again
Ku's Marshes In the marsh North Gate
Chocobo Forest Outside Ku's Hut Inside Ku's Hut
Gizamaluke's Grotto Gizamaluke's Grotto again! Hit by Thundara
Vivi gets hit by Thundaga A Slow spell Bio strikes!
A Jump attack! Zidane's Limit 'Solution 9' The end of 'Solution 9'
07.18.2000 Summon Scenes and the World
Shiva's beauty is on par with her power. Shiva's wrath freezes to the bone. Carbunkle jumps into the air
Rage is what Ifrit is best at. Flames of Hell. Thanks Ifrit! Carbunkle does its Ruby Light thang
Who is that shadowy man? Ramuh shows off his staff Striking the enemy down with lightning
Fenrir shows off his colours Fenrir stands on his mountain..or something Phoenix shows up
The Sea God swoops in Flooding the enemies Phoenix is reborn!
When Blue Things Attack! Aww....Chicobos! The Chocobo tracks are back!
The Experience screen Garnet summons a creature Grassy Plains
Iceville Quina gets to float Fighting in the snow
Vivi casts Faira Zidane does stuff Zidane on the overworld
The FFIX World Map    
07.05.2000 87 New Screens  
Running Through Alexandria Castle Two Guards Talking Princess Blane Speaks
Alexandria Castle Kitchen Fighting in the Castle A nasty spell
Choose your target FMV: Alexandria Castle FMV: Fireworks and Crowd
FMV: Vivi FMV: Alexandria Castle Spires FMV: Alexandria Castle Balcony
FMV: Crowd FMV: Vivi Clapping FMV: Boo
FMV: Sad Princess FMV: Steiner FMV: Looking Grim
FMV: Lightning Strike All the world is a stage Stage Battle
Alexandria Virtual Signpost What's my name again?
A Saloon? Kupo! Mouse Child
Saddle on up to the bar Had a little too much to drink? What to do?
A Castle Zidane Vivi
Eiko Freya Salamander
Princess Garnet Steiner Quina?
FMV: Intro FMV: Intro 2 FMV: Intro 3
FMV: Intro 4 FMV: Intro 5 FMV: Intro 6
FMV: Intro 7 FMV: Intro 8 FMV: Intro 9
FMV: Intro 10 FMV: Intro 11 FMV: Intro 12
FMV: Intro 13 Welcome to MOGNET FMV: Opening
FMV: Opening 2 FMV: Opening 3 FMV: Opening 4
FMV: Opening 5 FMV: Opening 6 FMV: Opening 7
FMV: Opening 8 FMV: Opening 9 FMV: Opening 10
FMV: Opening 11 FMV: Opening 12 FMV: Opening 13
FMV: Opening 14 FMV: Opening 15 FMV: Opening 16
FMV: Opening 17 FMV: Opening 18 FMV: Opening 19
FMV: Opening 20 FMV: Opening 21 FMV: Opening 22
FMV: Opening 23 FMV: Opening 24 FMV: Opening 25
FMV: Opening 26 FMV: Opening 27 FMV: Opening 28
Taking a Siesta Zidane talks to his shipmates "Congratulations"
The Titlescreen Triplet  
06.29.2000 36 New Screens Source: IGN
Empty armor slot Full armor slot A different kind of armor
Weapons with multiple uses? Buying stuff Learnign about ATE
An Active Time Event Choosing different options Looking around in a store
Looking at more stuff Out and about Still browsing
Sweet Diablos shot Diablos headshot Odin riding in
Slepnir shot And there goes Odin again A stone dragon?
Viewing your weapon Buying a better weapon Equiping your better weapon
Talking with some old guy A ranged type of weapon? Finding an item?
Options in an ATE Talking with a shopkeeper Asking the shopkeeper questions
A very mad shopkeeper A weird looking airship Falling from the airship
A baby chocobo Looking through a telescope A wild chocobo
A caged chocobo A chocobo drawing A Moogle!
06.27.2000 Eleven New Screens Source: Magicbox
Types of Chocobos A library A storage room
A cave Another beautifully detailed room A strange room
A surreal scene Green Chocobo-wheel
Outdoors A question.  
Twelve New Screens Source: Silicon Magazine
Great room detail and lighting Another beautifully detailed room Tower top music
Night meeting Some conversation A view from above
Meeting in a field In the trees Talking with the shrooms?
Bedroom conversation? A voice in the sky Patio view
06.03.2000 Even More Screens Source: IGN PSX
FMV - The fresh mountain air FMV - VIVI the pyro Talking with a Moogle
More Japanese speech A chat outside In comes another Moogle
A long speech Examining the flora Don't jump!
Her Majesty? A building  
04.18.2000 More Screens Source: IGN PSX
Castle Waterfall!! I like churches
Caves are fun Oooh. I want columns in MY bedroom! Candy cane columns
Nice rug! Wood and machine Theater ship!!
Chatting Neon... orange... writing... More neon orange writing
Eating, I think    
03.24.2000 New FMV Screens
Great shot of an airship The Black Mage?! Oh no!  
03.12.2000 Characters Source: GIA
Steiner Vivi Zidane Purple A Clueless Mage Zidane's Profile
01.31.2000 Third Look
The tower awaits, beckoning a challenge The helm of a ship, clear! Giant wings in the night
Beautiful rolling hills    
01.31.2000 Second Look Source: Gamespot
Almost complete, no tumbleweed though Almost the same you saw before, only blurry =) Even more fun blurry graphics
Battle scene    
01.29.2000 First Look Source: Core Magazine
Strange vegetation A battle The helm of a ship
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