Final Fantasy VIII - Squall Leonhart
Hand-drawn artwork Rendering
Character Profile Artwork
Name:    Squall Leonhart E3: Character sketch - Large
Age:    17 E3: Squall stares out at the ocean
Height:    5'10" Squall with Gunblade - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Weapon:    Gunblade Squall rushes forward, Gunblade in hand
Description:    Squall is an expressionless and distant teenager studying in the military and academic areas of Balamb Garden. An extremely gifted and apt student, Squall hopes to join the elite SeeD forces by passing the entrance test along with his companions. Squall is most likely the rigid man standing in the game's logo. Will Squall open up emotionally in a game with "love" as one of the major themes?
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