Final Fantasy VIII - Screen Shots
  CG Movies  
A modern city Go where many men have gone before The invasion begins..
A wormhole begins to form The moon in the background A cool ship
Earth Looks like a giant eyeball... Close up of above
A stream of red stuff Inside the loading dock A spider-shaped ship
Who is that? Squall strokes Rinoa's hair Rinoa buries her head into Squall's chest
Quistis smiles Irvine holds his gun The Flying Garden
Garden 2 Garden 3 Garden 4
Demo intro movie Demo 2 Demo 3
Demo 4 Demo 5 Demo 6
Demo 7 Demo 8 Demo 9
The satellite tower activates Tower 2 Tower 3
Tower 4 Tower 5 Tower 6
Tower 7 Tower 8 Tower 9
More tower More 2 More 3
More 4 More 5 Escaping spider robot
Escape 2 Escape 3 Escape 4
Escape 5 Escape 6 Escape 7
Escape 8 Escape 9 Squall rushes forward
Squall and Seifer training Training 2 Training 3
Training 4 Squall stares out to the ocean Edea makes a speech
Edea's flowing hair Edea's beak-like mask Rinoa from behind
Hand outstretched Looking up Rinoa and feathers
Feathers 2 Feathers 3 Feathers 4
Feathers 5 Rinoa clutches a pendant Rinoa stares intently
Rinoa 2 Squall Squall 2
Squall 3 Squall 4 Squall 5
Seifer Seifer 2 Seifer 3
Seifer 4 Edea Squall behind the wheel
Squall driving 2 Seifer stares  
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