Few Words
by Mintbaby

Author's Note: I was talking with one of my best friends (MPrime, author of Reconciliation, Evolutions, etc.) about the awesome characters of FF8 (the story is lacking, but the characters are great) when he suggested I write a story regarding one of the most mysterious characters within the game. Fujin.

This silver-haired fox is as mysterious as Shadow from FF6. An eye-patch. One-word conversations in a loud voice. Friend of Seifer Almasy. How does a female become such? MPrime tickled my intrigue with this character's waiting storyline, and wouldn't you know I had to do it? I had to solve the mystery of who this person was and why she was this way.

'Few Words' takes place within the timeline of my other FF8 piece Bookworms and...Booya, or rather during the latter half of part 3 titled Life's Lessons on Stress. Be sure to keep that in mind when you read this piece, as it's liable to explain a lot as well as introduce or remind you of a couple somewhat unique characters (Sally Regal: aka Librarian or the girl with pigtails; and Marshal Beita: Head of Galbadian Security).


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