Damian Dydyn

It all seemed like a dream, fuzzy, surreal. The moments between our encounters are gone, purged from my memory as if they never happened. What was I thinking? What could have driven me to do such things? Perched atop Duel Hill behind the massive crater where Balmab Garden once rested, Seifer Almasy waited.

It all started with her I suppose.

He sighed heavily, standing up to his full height and slowly turning around.

"Rinoa," he said flatly, devoid of emotion as if stating a fact. The young sorceress smiled innocently as she stepped seductively towards him, gesturing with her finger for him to come closer.

Reluctantly, he moved in towards her, keeping his eyes buried in the dirt. She lifted his chin with delicate fingers, allowing a playful giggle. Her eyes pierced him, and something reached into his chest, squeezing down on his heart. He swallowed hard as he felt his face grow warm and flush. After all this time, you still have this effect on me.

She reached down and grabbed the lapel of his trench coat, pulling him into her. His lips parted slightly as they drew closer, within inches of each other but paused. He could feel her warm breath on his face, caressing his skin. I've waited so long...

The world began to spin. It was slow at first, almost soothing. But with each rotation the speed increased until soon Seifer found himself lying on the ground, his knees pulled up to his chest. His eyes were closed tightly but that only made the vertigo worse.

Finally, the dizziness faded allowing him to sit up. As his vision cleared he could see the figured of a man in front of him. Rinoa, where are you? "Who's there?" he asked. The man cocked his fuzzy head to the side, as if surprised by the inquiry.

Seifer shook his head and rubbed his eyes, forcing them to focus. With a groan, he tried to stand up, but was stopped by something sharp, jabbing into his chest. Looking up he saw Squall Leonhart glaring down at him. "Squall?" The dark haired SeeD looked around in confusion, allowing his brow to furrow.

For the first time, Seifer looked around at the surroundings. Nothing. They were surrounded by perfect darkness. Not a star in the sky or a tree on the horizon. There wasn't even a horizon for that matter. They were surrounded by nothingness. "What's going on?" he asked, trying to stand up once more, only to be jabbed harder with Squall's Flame Saber.

Seifer's eyes ran up the flat edge of the blade to its handle, then to Squall's hand and up his arm. They moved to his shoulder, then up his neck and finally to his eyes. His icy blue eyes. Something was different about them though. They weren't hard and devoid of emotion like usual. There was something there, behind them. Something horrible.

Fire erupted all around them, causing Seifer to jump, pushing Squall's blade into his chest slightly. He winced as it pierced his skin, digging into his breastplate. It didn't go any further, but it didn't need to. Seifer new his advisary was out for blood. The flames danced in his eyes as his lips curled into a wicked grin. He began laughing maniacally and fear began to course through the red headed boy's veins, freezing him there on the ground.

A tear welled up in his eye suddenly, catching him off guard. It wasn't a tear of sadness, but rather one of acceptance. He took a deep breath, ignoring the blade as it met his heaving chest once more, and prepared himself for death. Closing his eyes, he awaited his demise. Rinoa, why?

The answer did not come, but neither did Squall's finishing blow. The heat of the fire faded quickly leaving Seifer all alone in the dark. He looked around briefly before reaching down to his chest to find no blood. He stared at his fingers for a few moments. Confused, his brow furrowed and he tilted his head slightly. A moment later he was on his feet still gawking at his fingertips. What's happening to me?

An awful cackle resounded through the air, slamming into his ears, reverberating in his head. He dropped to a nee as he clasped his head tightly. From the darkness came light. A piercing, radiant light, silhouetting a slender yet beautifully curved form. There stood Edea, her eyes staring a whole in Seifer's mind. She allowed a brief moment of silence before speaking without speaking. My knight. He looked up at her over the tips of his fingers.

"Matron?" he asked, his voice trembling. Her face hardened as she drew near. Seifer was unable to keep his eyes upon her any longer and turned away sharply.

I have been searching for you my Knight.

"Ultemecia," he quivered as the word passed over his lips, burning his tongue.

You weren't there to protect me when I needed you, Seifer.

He swung his arm out at her, pointing with is palm as if to halt her. "Get out of my head!"

I needed you Seifer.

"Leave me alone!" Standing up he turned towards her, tears building in his trembling eyes. "You can't control me anymore!"

I STILL need you.

"No! I won't let you!" His face tightened as he tried desperately to hold back the flow of emotion building behind his somber expression.

Seifer, come to me. Be my Knight once more.

He turned sharply and began running into the void. "Leave me alone!" Seifer tried to leave her behind in the darkness, but she was there. No matter how far he ran, she was only a few feet behind him, standing there watching. There was no escape.

Seifer... My Knight... Please...

Seifer stopped.

Come to me...

He turned slowly on his heal, tears streaming down his face. "Please," he pleaded. Slow unsteady steps followed, leading him into her cold embrace. She pulled his sobbing figure into her bosom, stroking his hair gently.

We will have our revenge, Seifer.

She pulled away from him slowly, looking over his shoulder. Seifer turned around cautiously. There before him stood the very reason for his torment. SeeDs. Squall, Zell, Selphie, and Quitis. The sharpshooter, Irvine was with them too, glaring at him from beneath his massive cowboy hat. To the left stood a dark angel, staring through his very soul with eyes of ice. "Rinoa." He stated again, this time under a trembling breath.

Edea's possessed body moved up behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso seductively. They are yours to take Seifer.

He choked back the tears finally, repressing the emotions that spawned them. His features grew stern and hard for a moment before twisting into his infamous wicked grin. Confidence, disrespect, poise, and just the slightest hint of insanity now masked the true Siefer Almasy. Only the shell of a sorceress's puppet remained. He turned to his Matron slowly. "We will have our revenge."