One Might Wonder
Carlos Alexandre


One might wonder what drove this solemn, lonely man to continue.

He never appeared cheerful, playful, or content in any way.

All he did was coast through his assignments, finishing each with the textbook polish and legendary precision that SEED had become so well known for.

Looking down at the corpse of the creature that terrorized the small mountain town, he thought back to the words that the Garden Headmaster told him so long ago.

The Headmaster told him to do his best, even if he didn't stand out.

How badly he didn't want to hear those words, on that day of all days.

How many years ago had it been already? Five? Six? Maybe even seven?

Giving the creature the slightest of nods out of respect for its passing, he started back on the road to town.

Who else was at that ceremony?

A man with a scar, both physical and emotional. He would later become savior of the world and utmost authority on the rare and exotic weapon, the Gunblade.

The wild martial arts champion, whose punches brought down man, beast, and Guardian Force alike.

Finally, the transfer student from Galbadia.

The most beautiful woman he had ever known. So innocent, so unfathomably lovely.

When he learned that she had married to another elite SEED, some gunman from her own Garden, his life slowly fell into disarray.

His missions became his only solace as he refused promotion after promotion.

This heroic yet woefully unsure man, who was told by someone, whose wisdom was so precise as to foresee the future, that he would never be known, was, indeed, never to be known. Not for his supposedly small role in the grand scheme of things.

One might wonder why this man couldn't see the blessing he had been granted...