A Seldom Answered Question

"Hey, Sally."

I looked up from my book to the candidates that passed from the Training Center's main section to the corridor leading to the main hall of Garden. It seemed like forever since I'd been one. I smiled. "Hi, Chloe. Hi, Amber."

They waved and smiled before continuing on.

I changed my focus back to my book - assigned reading by Seifer on networks and hackers - and kept on teasing Zell's hair with my fingers. I sat tailor-style with 'my rock' as back support. Zell rested his head and shoulders in my lap, stretched out as he was reading a Timber Maniacs magazine. It was such a different picture than before my adventure with Zell started. Believe me. I liked this one much better.

I moved my book and stared down at Zell with a goofy smile. He intensely concentrated on a particular article. This concentration slightly drew his brows together and made his lips move while he read. I smoothed his hair back from his face and leaned down to kiss his forehead.

He looked to me with an instantaneous grin and lightly bopped the top of my head with the magazine. "Need me to move?"

I shook my head. "Nope. You're fine."

"'kay." Zell went back to reading the article, and the serious expression returned.

I smiled wider before again lifting my book and continuing to tease and stroke his hair as I read.

"Hiya, Sally! Hiya, Zell!"

Zell and I both looked over at the approaching Selphie, Zell pushing up onto his elbows and looking over his left shoulder to do so.

"'Sup, Sephy?" Zell inquired.

Selphie moved to kneel by us, dressed in blue jeans and a pale yellow midriff t-shirt with a sunflower in the center. "I wanted to kidnap Sally away from you so that me and Rinoa can go shopping."

I smiled wide, adjusting my position once Zell sat up. "That sounds fun," I exclaimed.

Selphie nodded, opening her mouth to speak just as Zell said, "Yeah it does. Can I come?"

Selphie and I blinked over at Zell in surprise.

"What?" he asked.

"We're just gonna do shopping and make-overs, Zell. Girl stuff," Selphie told him with a sidelong glance toward me. "You don't really want to go, do you?"

Zell looked to each of us with an expression of hesitancy. To me it was the most adorable expression in the world. Why? Because I could tell he really wanted to go but didn't know if it was okay to say so.

"Well… I don't know… I mean… Well, why not?" he finally asked.

Selphie giggled. I just continued to smile at him. "Zell, guys never like going shopping with girls," Selphie informed him.

Zell's face twisted. "Why not? Don't you try stuff on?"

Selphie nodded. "Yeah, and that's why guys hate it."

"What? That's dumb." He pointed at me. "You think I'm gonna pass up a chance to see her in a black mini or something? Tch! Hell no! I don't care how long I have to sit my ass in a chair!"

Selphie nearly howled with laughter. I rubbed Zell's arm, drawing his attention. "I don't mind if you come, if you're sure you want to be around us girls all weekend."

Zell grinned. "Damn straight."

I looked over at Selphie, who'd finally contained herself. "Is it okay?"

"Oh sure. I don't care. Rinoa probably won't either." Selphie slapped her legs before pushing herself to her feet. "I'll meet you guys in the parking lot in 30 minutes. Okay?"

"Okay, Selphie," I acknowledged.

Selphie sent each of us a wave as she made her way from the Training Center. I looked over at Zell. "We better get our stuff."

Zell stood and helped me to my feet. "I don't get the big deal with me wanting to go," he confessed.

"It's not a big deal, Zell," I assured as we headed out of the Training Center into the corridor beyond. "Like Selphie said, guys usually don't like going shopping. I know my brother doesn't. And with girls?" I shook my head and wrinkled my nose. "Forget about it."

Zell laughed. "Come on, Meg. It can't be that bad."

"Hours on end of looking at clothes with 'ooh, isn't this adorable?' or 'does this make my butt look big?' or even 'I don't think this color goes with my burgundy pumps. You remember the ones?'" Zell howled, and I seriously continued, "Hour after hour of standing and walking? Zell, I'm afraid it's not very exciting if you're just a spectator."

"Come on. You guys wouldn't let me help? I can do those funny voices!"

I giggled. "Zell."

"Seriously though, Meg. Wouldn't you guys let me help?"

"With the shopping?" Am I really having this conversation?

"Sure," Zell responded. "Can't I pick out stuff the same as you?"

"Of course. I just never thought you'd want to."

Zell grinned and wrapped an arm around my waist to draw me up against him. "Damn straight I'll want to, Meg. If I see something I like, I'm gonna want you to put it on."

I looked up at Zell's mischievous twinkle and gave a knowing nod. "Yeah, and I know just what I'll say to most of it."

Zell's grin didn't fade.

"Fine," I said. "Then you have to put on what I like."

"Sounds fair," he agreed.

My expression softened. "This is going to be fun." And how many years had I dreamed of shopping with Zell?

Zell looked at me with a continued expression of seriousness. "You think we could look at colognes and stuff, too?"

I blinked. "Cologne? But you don't wear that. It makes you sneeze."

Zell smiled. "Man. You know everything."

I flushed and looked away. We turned onto the main corridor and headed for the dorms. "Not everything. I didn't know you had that scar on your tummy. I didn't know about the big freckle on your back by your left shoulder blade either."

"Yeah, but you know everything else." He gave me a slight squeeze. "Actually, I wanted to get some for you. I guess they call it perfume, huh?"

"But that'll make you sneeze, too. Won't it?"

Zell shook his head, expression serious again. "Not if you get the oil stuff. Isn't there body oil or something you can wear instead of that spray crap?"

I nodded, eyes wide.

Zell smiled. "Cool. I'll get you some of that. Something kind of… I don't know… fruity or something."

"Wow, Zell," I said softly. "I wish I could get some for you…" I smiled suddenly. "Of course, I love how you smell already."

Zell laughed. "So that's why you always want to wear my stuff."

I giggled. "Uh-oh. Caught."

Zell pulled me closer, my back against his chest as his arms surrounded me. He nuzzled my neck. "Yep."

Candidates and SeeDs alike halted all conversation to focus on us. I flushed molten while giving Zell's arms a rub and an uncomfortable smile to the people staring.

"Zell," I whispered.

He kissed my neck, resulting in a shiver and goose-pimples for me, and then rubbed my arms as he stepped back. Laughter, chuckles, and whispers cascaded through the Garden corridor as Zell fell into step again beside me. I rubbed at my forehead as I stared down at the floor that simply refused to hide me in my… well, it wasn't misery or grief. I was just embarrassed.

Zell rubbed my back. "Sorry, kitten."

I sucked it up and sent him a reassuring smile. "I'm not mad, sweetie. Promise."

Zell's expression softened. "I don't think I've ever seen you mad."

"What do you mean? I got mad when Quistis called you dense. Remember?"

"That was mad? Hm. Seemed a little less than that to me."

"Really? Huh." I shrugged. "That's about as mad as I get."

Zell tugged my ponytail and then rubbed my back again. "Fine with me." We turned in to the side corridor leading to the dorms. "Say, speaking of mad… You still having issues with Fujin and Seifer?"

"Fujin and Seifer?"

"Yeah. With the pressure and the expectations and crap."

"Oh. That."

"Seifer being nice?" Zell pressed.

I shrugged. "'Nice' for you is different than for me."

Zell laughed. "I guess that's true. What about Fujin? Still breathing down your neck every second she can spare?"

I cleared my throat.

"Sally, if she's harassin' ya, you should tell someone. Me especially," he told me with a meaningful expression.

I intertwined my fingers with his, but I kept my focus on the polished floor. "I will, but she's not. At least, not really. She's a little intense when she gives me my assignments, but I can handle it."

"I know you can, Meg, but you shouldn't have to. Geez. If she'd pull her head out of her ass--"

"Zell," I scolded.

Zell grinned. We halted outside my dorm room door. "Don't let her push you around, or bully you, or anything else. Okay? You don't need that crap."

I nodded. "Okay, but it's hard. She's scarier than Seifer."

Zell laughed and gave my hand a squeeze before releasing it and stepping off backwards toward his own room. "Yeah. I can see that." He pointed at me. "But you could take her, Meg. Trust me."

I smiled and leaned back against my room door. "You want to meet in the parking lot?"

"Nah. I'll meet you here and walk you over."


He winked at me and then turned and jogged away. I watched him and sighed, enjoying my pathetic mushy state. Selphie didn't think my relationship with Zell was at all 'mushy'. She thought it great, and she'd commented several times about how different Zell and I were. As in we had learned a lot from each other and had begun to grow. I knew it was the truth with me, but in my mind Zell would always be 'perfect'. So what did I know about changes for good or worse?

I sighed again with a happy shrug of my shoulders and turned to unlock and open the door of my room. Zack would say it's disgusting how stuck I am on Zell, but what does he know? He's been married twice! And he was barely 26. I kind of felt sorry for him, but I didn't know what to do to help. Zack had always been the kind to keep his problems to himself.

"Maybe that's the problem?"

I gave a slight shake of my head as I diligently packed the appropriate things into my back pack. I didn't know how Zack would take my interest or concern. He was a great big brother - very protective - but he'd always been the one to take care of me. Do big brothers accept help gracefully? I had no idea.

tap-tap-tap-click-squeeeaak "You ready?"

I smiled over at Zell as he stepped inside, backpack over one shoulder. "Nearly." I pointed to my desk. "Can you hand me my phone?"

"Dude." He picked it up and examined the silver phone with wide-eyes. "This is sweet. Phone and internet?"

I nodded and zipped closed my back pack. "Yep. Seifer just got them in Timber last week. Security issue only, but I'll let you carry it if you want."

Zell shook his head and offered it to me. "Hell no. I'd break it and get you in trouble."

"No, you wouldn't, break it I mean. They're pretty tough." I slipped it into the front pocket/pouch of my pack and then slipped into the shoulder straps. "Okay. All set."

"Got your keys?"

I patted my left pocket. "Yep."

He turned and left the room, standing off to one side as he waited for me to shut and lock the door. Then he took my hand and we stepped toward the main corridor. We both stopped when Seifer rounded the corner and headed toward us.

My hand tightened on Zell's. "Uh-oh."

Zell looked over at me. "Calm down, Sally. You're off the clock and we're going out. You've got your phone so you can keep in touch. Chill."

I bit my lower lip, only able to focus on Seifer's stern face. I took on unconscious step backward and a little behind Zell.

Zell looked back over at Seifer's approaching figure. "Yo, Seifer. 'Sup?"

"Regal. A word." He stopped in front of us, fists on hips.

Zell regarded Seifer's expression and stance as he said, "Sorry, Seifer. No can do. Selphie's waiting for us in the--"

"Dincht, I wasn't talking to you."

"Too bad. We're off the clock and headed out to Timber," Zell responded. He jerked a thumb over his shoulder at me. I couldn't raise my eyes from their stare of the floor. "She's got her phone, so call if it's--"

"Regal. Front and center."

I twitched and started to move as ordered. Zell's hold on my hand kept me back, and he moved a little more in front of me.

"Seifer," Zell intoned with hushed firmness, "step off."

Seifer raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "Or what?"

Zell scoffed. "Don't be an ass, Seifer. Damn." He jerked another motion of his thumb my direction. "Why don't you chill and let her have a day off?"

Seifer smirked and lowered his arms to pull a mini-disc from his back pocket. He offered it forward. "I need this taken to Deling Garden and given to the security chief there. Is that too much to ask, Dincht?"

Zell grabbed the disc case. "Geez. Next time try looking less like you're gonna kill her."

Seifer turned and strode back the way he'd come. I released a deep breath.

Zell shook his head. "You ever heard of a courier," he mumbled. He faced me. "Come on. Let's get out of here." Zell tugged me gently forward. "Damn. No wonder you're scared shitless," he complained. "I don't think he was ever that harsh with me or Squall… Well, maybe he was. I don't remember." Zell looked over at me. "See what I mean about his sense of humor? Totally whacked out."

I wordlessly nodded as my hand continued to clench and unclench Zell's.


I blinked and changed my focus from the floor to Zell's face.

He smiled. "Don't stress, shy girl. It's only a disc."

My expression softened as I slightly nodded. "Only a disc," I repeated.

Zell tugged me close against him, a habit I thoroughly enjoyed, and rested our joined hands on my hip. "Fun. That's it. Okay?"

I nodded again. "Fun. Got it."

Zell tucked the disc case into the back pocket of his black jean shorts as we headed for the parking lot. "You let me deal with the disc."

I smiled down at the floor. Noooo problem.

Zell, Selphie, and I stepped off the train in Timber. Selphie adjusted her duffel over her shoulder as she took a moment to scan the small crowd of faces for Quistis. A couple of the SeeDs had mentioned that she'd headed out without warning after a meeting with Seifer. Needles to say, we were all curious to know what had happened, especially since Zone lived in timber.

I caught sight of a thin, tall blonde with a ponytail and an outfit of what looked to be brownish suede. I pointed. "Isn't that Quistis?"

Zell and Selphie followed the line of my pointing finger.

Selphie gasped. "Uh-oh."

"Damn," Zell muttered.

I lowered my arm. "Oh no."

Quistis and Zone were arguing. Actually, Quistis did most of the pointing, jabbing, and intense words while Zone only outstretched his hands in a gesture of what seemed to say 'Please. Listen.' My heart sunk. Finally, Zone's public humiliation was completed, punctuated by a final jab of finger to chest, and Quistis turned to stalk away. Zone stared after her, silent.

"Damn," Zell repeated. "What the hell did Zone do?"

Selphie shook her head. "I have no idea."

I looked up at Zell, who met my gaze. "I'm going to go talk to her."

"Sure, Meg. Watch your footing."

I smiled and stepped off in the direction I'd seen her go, biting my lip as my brain chucked sentence after sentence. There was no way I thought of myself and Quistis as girlfriends who could talk about 'girl stuff'. I didn't even think of us as friends. We were acquaintances, plain and simple, but she and I had talked before. That talk had even led her to start exchanging e-mails with Zone. In a way I guess I held myself a little responsible if they weren't working out.

Zell would shake his head at me, I knew.

I caught sight of Quistis' retreating figure as she strode toward the stairs that led down to the pub. "Quistis!" She didn't slow or pause. "Quistis, wait!"

She didn't. She descended the stairs and disappeared from my view. I released a quick breath and hurried forward. I likely took my life into my hands by following, but it was something I felt I had to do. So, I made my way across the stone walk that also led to the train station and descended the stairs to the 'mall' area just before the pub. Once there, I paused, took in a deep breath, and rubbed my palms on the sides of my jeans before pushing through the door and entering the pub.

The pungent aroma of second-hand smoke, stale beer, and body odor mixed with bad cologne made my eyes water and my nose wrinkle. I pushed myself forward though, and I did my best to ignore everyone as I searched the variety of faces for Quistis. I found her in the farthest and darkest corner of the room hunched over a table while slowly turning a beer bottle.

I took in and released yet another deep breath before stepping toward her table. She didn't look up when I stood across from her. I slowly sat, but I didn't say anything. Several questions came to mind, such as 'Are you okay?' or 'Do you need to talk about it?', but I couldn't make myself ask. I couldn't invade her privacy, even if it would have invited a needed conversation.

Quistis suddenly leaned back in her chair, an arm resting across her middle as her other lifted the beer bottle for a deep drought. She slammed it down. "The bastard has nudie pics of me," she snarled, but I could hear the tears.

I almost opened my mouth to ask 'Why?' or 'How do you know?' or 'Where did he get them?', but I still couldn't. It really wasn't any of my business. She'd talk about it if she needed to.

Quistis finished the beer and motioned for another as she slammed the empty bottle down away from her. Then she leaned forward and against the table again, rubbing her forehead with a shaky hand as she sighed deeply. "At least he didn't deny it," she mumbled. "Maybe he should have…"

The bartender set down another bottle, asked if I wanted anything, and then went back to his counter with a sidelong glance to Quistis when I declined. Quistis took another long swig of the fresh beer before setting it slowly down and fingering the body of the bottle.

"It could've worked, Sally," she confessed softly. "We talked about everything in our e-mails or phone calls. He's funny, too…" She released another long sigh, finally lifting her eyes to meet mine. "It could've worked but for his damned…" Quistis looked away. "I'm a person," she told me in a carefully controlled voice. "I'm not a pin-up of some porno bimbo for him to get his midnight jollies." She looked over at me with flashing eyes, jabbing sharply at her own chest. "Dammit," she whispered in a choked voice. "I'm not a ticket to a wet dream!"

I flushed but held her gaze and finally said, "No, you're not."

Quistis pressed her lips together and then looked away again. She drank her beer with a slow and deliberate action. Then she held it in one hand and stared down at the label. "I should have known better, Sally. Rinoa told me about his collection of mags. You did, too. I didn't think I'd care-- No. I just never thought pictures of me…" Quistis sighed and shook her head. "He screwed up."

I gave a slight nod. "Yes, he did."

Quistis looked at me out of the corner of her eyes. "He said he'll dump them if I give him another chance," she offered slowly. "I don't think he will. Not permanently." She motioned toward me with the beer bottle. "What do you think?"

I think I don't want to answer that question… I moved my focus to the table-top and began picking at a knot in the wood. "Second chances are… important," I said carefully.


I sighed and finally lifted my eyes. "But you need to do what's best for you. Is Zone best for you?" I lowered my gaze. "Or not?" Sorry, Zone.

Quistis sighed. "Not."

I met her eyes. "Then that's what you've got to do," I said softly, and then I reluctantly smiled. "He'll get over it. Eventually. And who knows? Maybe he'll stop with the naughty magazines?"

Quistis smirked. "Yeah. Right. I won't hold my breath." She held my gaze a moment before looking back to her beer bottle. "It would've worked."

"I know, Quistis. Sometimes it doesn't."

"Twice. Three times and I'm single for life."

I examined Quistis' lovely face, her expressive eyes, her slim form and her graceful way of moving and shook my head. "Not for you, Quistis." She looked up. "You just have to find the right guy."

"Fine." She focused on her beer bottle again. "You got a brother who happens to be single?" She immediately scoffed. "Yeah. Right."

I blinked. Zack? He wouldn't want me to set him up… Would he? I focused an absent gaze on the table. He's been burned twice, Sally. He'd rather be a bachelor now than start dating again… Wouldn't he? I bit my lower lip. He's really busy at the T.V. station; he'd just say he doesn't have the time… Right?

Quistis looked up at my continued silence. Her smirk vanished at the expression on my face. "You're kidding."

I lifted my eyes. "Actually... Um... I have an older brother. Zack. He works at the T.V. station," I said as I motioned to the pub exit. "Manager."

"Manager?" she repeated. Quistis crossed her arms. "What is he? Forty? Sorry; not into the marrying my father thing."

I giggled. "Zack's only twenty-six, Quistis."

Quistis raised an eyebrow. "Twenty-six. Manager of the T.V. station. Single… Five hundred pounds? Bald?"

My eyes crinkled at the corners. "No. He's just really busy at the station." Should I tell her he's been married before? I slightly bit my lower lip, the smile vanishing. "And, well, he's not really single. He's been divorced a couple times."

Quistis smirked. "Sounds like he has the same luck I do."

My smile returned, and I motioned toward the back door of the pub. "You want to meet him? We could watch the shows until he's free."

Quistis moved her gaze to her half-full beer bottle. "No, thanks. I'll give up on love for a while. Maybe another time."

"Oh." I watched her a moment before clearing my throat. "You still want to go shopping with us?"

She shook her head. "I'll pass. Tell Rinoa 'hi' for me."

I nodded and stood. "Okay." I adjusted my pack on my shoulder. "I'm sorry about Zone, Quistis," I said softly.

She held the beer bottle with both hands. "Thanks."

I hesitated a moment longer, wishing I could say something that would make her feel better… and then turned to leave.


I turned. "Yeah?"

Quistis looked up. "Thanks for listening."

I smiled. "You're welcome."

Quistis stared back at her beer bottle as I turned again to leave. Zell and Selphie had just come down the stairs into the mall area. Zone wasn't with them, and neither Selphie nor Zell looked very happy.

I met them by the foot of the stairs. "He tell you?"

Zell clenched his jaw. "Yeah, stupid idiot. What the hell was he thinking? Even I know you don't go scoping off a girl's naked pictures!" Zell gestured to the pub. "She pissed?"

I turned to stare at the pub entrance. "She's hurt."

Zell shook his head. "Damn."

"She want to be alone?" Selphie asked.

I nodded and looked over at the two. "Yeah."

Selphie sighed. "Poor Quistis." She adjusted her duffel over her shoulder. "I guess it's just the four of us then. Come on. We don't want to miss the train."

Selphie headed out, but Zell hung back and took my hand in his. I looked over at him. He wore a sad expression and rubbed lightly at his tattoo.

"What's the matter, Zell?" I asked softly.

He released a quick breath. "I don't get it, Sally. I don't get why Quis and Zone didn't work. Quis gave him a shot and he screwed up." He looked over at me. "How come? Why the hell did he do that?"

I moved my gaze to the ground at our feet. "Habits die hard, no matter how much one person says they love the other." Quistis loved Squall, but it wasn't enough. Zone said he loved Quistis, but it wasn't enough. I sighed. "Sometimes it just doesn't work."

Zell looked away. "It sucks."

"Yep." I adjusted my hand in his as if to prove I'd had better luck. "It does."

Zell released my hand to drape an arm around my shoulders, his hand stroking my hair. "I'm glad we work, Meg."

I smiled. "Me, too."

"I just wish I knew why. I mean, what's so different about us? I'm willing to change the little things that bug you. Why couldn't Zone do the same for Quis?"

My smile dwindled and died. I leaned my head against him. "I don't know, Zell. I wish I did."

I blinked. "" I leaned forward, my stomach slithering to my heels and then further. ", no, no. This can't be right."

I typed furiously at the keyboard, searching and checking information and reports and findings, not noticing the tears dripping down my cheeks. Then I felt a firm grip on my shoulder and gave a soft yelp as I looked up into Seifer's face, his expression blank. He regarded me as his hand dropped away; then he motioned to his office with a jerk of his head. I stood on trembling legs and scuttled toward his office, giving a twitch when he closed the door securely after entering.

"What were you doing, Regal?" he asked as he went around his desk. He faced me, expression guarded. "I brought you on board to protect the Network; not hack it for your own investigations."

I paled and lowered my gaze, hands clasped behind my head. "I'm sorry, sir," I whispered.

"'Sorry'?" He leaned forward, palms pressed onto his desk top. I twitched. "'Sorry' don't cut it in my section, Regal. I find out you've been hacking the system again and your ass is mine. Understood?"

I could only nod, eyes still focused on the Balamb insignia woven into the plush rug under his desk in the center of his office's dark blue carpeting.

"Good. Get your ass out of my office."

I saluted and escaped, hurrying back to my desk down the aisle away from his office as I looked at my watch and hoped I could survive until the end of the day...

..."Zell?" I called as I entered deeper into the Training Center. He had a late make-up class, or so said the note on his office door.

"Over here, Meg!"

I dropped my purse and home work from Seifer onto the ground near the heavy-duty metal doors of the main section of the Training Center and hurried forward, walking quickly and sometimes giving a few steps of more run than walk. Zell looked up from studying a sheaf of papers - likely his newest submission to Combat King - and set it immediately aside when he saw my expression.

"Hey. What's the matter?" he asked, stepping forward and accepting my tight hug.

I closed my eyes and sniffed out, "Zone's being sent to Deling Garden." Only criminals and disciplinary cases were sent there. It had been dubbed 'reject region' by every SeeD and candidate in the Garden Network.

"What? What the hell for?"

I slightly shook my head. "I don't know. All I got was 'treachery against Garden' before Seifer came out and called me on hacking the Network."

Zell pushed back, eyes wide as he stared down at me in shock. "You what?"

"You heard me. I hacked the Network trying to find out what happened and why they're sending Zone to Deling for something he couldn't have done He's a Timber Owl, Zell There's no way he'd do something like 'treachery' against Garden Not when he's one of the ones who helped you and Squall out of Timber when you were first starting out in your fight against the Sorceress Treachery goes against everything he believes in So it couldn't have been him And I wanted to try and find something that woul--"

"Sally, Sally. Sh sh sh sh. It's okay," Zell soothed.

I blinked. "Okay? It's not okay! He wouldn't do this!"

Zell's expression grew serious and he shook his head. "Sally, you can't... You can't say 'he would' or 'he wouldn't'. You don't know. You've only got the report, and there's a lot to everything than just paper."


Zell shook his head as he said "No, Sally. Sure, it sucks, but you don't know. And until you do, you can't question anything. You've got to leave it. Seifer wouldn't send him there unless he had a damn good reason for it."

I lowered my gaze as I bit my lip, tears dripping down my cheeks to the grass at my feet. Reluctantly, I gave a slight nod.

Zell released a long breath and then pulled me into a tight embrace. "Dude, Sally. I'm really sorry about Zone."

I closed my eyes and sniffed, wrapping my arms around him as he kissed my temple. So was I. This... It was so different than the Zone I had come to know. So different than the Zone I'd urged Quistis to email. I had always thought of him as a hero. One of the good guys. Now... I cried, my shoulders shaking as I mourned the loss of one of the world's 'knights' while asking a seldom answered question: why...?

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