The Inner Guardian

By Gunblade (

You have found me.

Are you in a state of depression? Otherwise you would not find me.

I am your inner guardian.

What is it that bothers you? Loneliness? Hatred? Do not worry; I will defend you. That is my purpose of being a guardian. I will simply block these feelings for you. No need to worry.

How do I do this, you ask? That is not relevant, but I will tell you any way. I simply "borrow" these emotions that are unwanted to you. I am not doing this only for you. I need them to gain more power. The results are beneficial for both of us. Do not worry. I will not harm you.

I will simply guide you.

If you have any more unwanted feelings, please give them to me. My strength is determined by your input. I am only thinking for the best of you. Or rather, the best of "us."

Why am I doing this? As I've said, it is my role as a guardian to assist you. I am your ultimate defense barrier. Slowly but surely, I will stiffen your mind. I will clear away the useless and pitiful thing known as "emotions." Do not worry. You will be safe as long as I am here. I will protect you from harm. Emotions are what causes harm to us. Positive emotions harm us when we become too reliant upon them, while negative emotions simply harm us directly. If these things all disappear, you will be in absolute inner peace. That is my goal. And a marvelous one it is.

But that is not all. Because of you, I will also benefit. I will take your emotions and transfer them into true, solid power. With enough power, I will no longer be just an illusionary guardian. I will take shape, form thoughts, and become part of reality. I will become a true being known as a Guardian Force. The more you give me, the stronger my strength will be. I have the potential to become the most powerful Guardian Force ever, even more so than the legendary Bahamut or the enigmatic Eden. But it is all up to you. Remember, we will both benefit. Under my guide, you will shape into an inpenetratable being. An ideal host for a powerful guardian.

You may wish to know my name. My identity is not relevant to me, but some, from ages ago in a forgotten past, have given me a name. A rather meaningless one it is...

Some called me Griever.

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