Beyond My Mind

By Toshiro

Beyond the boundaries of this world,
The good clash evil in unnumbered battles.
But before my eyes do fights unfold,
Before my eyes the call to battle.

The Lunar Cry, a crystal orb,
It's happened, I've seen it, beyond my mind.
A blazing airship lands on the shore,
You'll find none here, not one of it's kind.

Were you there when the coin leapt to the sky,
When the roses escaped her slender arms?
And did you know that clouds can care?
Or spend the night at a chocobo farm?

It's all there, beyond my mind,
A sword lies waiting for my grip.
But more importantly, she is there,
She who'd leave me without a care.

And only there could I find her,
A face for which I'd give my life.
A person who I'd give the world,
If that were only enough.

I'd go there gladly if I could,
To fight the battles and save the world,
To find love true as fairy tales,
And leave this dreary place behind.
But how to find a place so far,
Beyond my mind,
Beyond my mind.

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