Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - Screen Shots
12.10.2004 Crisp New Screens SquareNet
A familiar face Blasting away at the baddies Vincent means business
This place has seen better days Dirge of Cerberus An informative scene
More of the informative scene Plugged into the Matrix? Hey! It took me two months to grow this
Wouldn't want to get on this guy's bad side
11.04.2004 First Screens MB
Uh-oh, dead end Eep! Mother and child
Stop! In the naaaaame of loooove! I see a bad moon a-risin' See my gun?
Valentine. Vincent Valentine. Not this guy again! POW!
Armed and dangerous This place could use some remodeling Just point...and shoot!
Taking aim with the crosshairs Rawn! To de choppa! Wee!
Hasta la vista, baby. Howdy! What all the cool girls will be wearing this spring
Stop that racket! I'm trying to sleep! "What?" "Chicken butt."
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