Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Screen Shots
12.11.2004 Trailer screen caps Source: Squarenet
Ready, aim, fire! The materia thief herself How that little sword keeps the big one at bay, I don't know
People crowding around Cloud and you-know-who A building on rocky terrain
Kadaj Close-up of Reno Uh oh, Cloud's in trouble
Tifa kicking Loz's butt Cloud on his bike Evasive maneuvers!
Final Fantasy VII: Gundam Strike Kneeling before the man in the wheelchair Cloud, sword in hand, viewing some ruins
I don't know what that is, but I can tell you what it looks like Da man in the wheelchair I predict many theme central entries based off of this
Some scary lookin' something-or-other Swords clashing Coming to a sudden stop
Close-up of Cloud Reno fall down go boom "I'd like 200 pizzas please. My name? I.C. Weiner"
Reflecting on days with Zack Cloud riding his motorcycle Kadaj looking distressed
Lots and lots of people A face only a mother would love...or rabid fangirls "Uh...Cloud? We don't sell pizza."
In a church Birds flying over a ruin I predict that this is not one of the good guys
The Turks Hmmm, to go to Midgard, Kalm, or the Chocobo Farm Two of the SHM
Cloud and the Turks Apparently, Cloud can now fly Kadaj up close and personal
HUGE screen of Cloud having a migraine headache Yazoo taking aim Cid and his polearm
Another pic of Cloud on his bike Cloud on his bike again, only from a different angle Fighting over the last piece of pizza
Loz and Cloud fighting Cloud talking with the man in the wheelchair Cloud and Kadaj fighting
Red XIII and his magical, glowing tail Cloud wielding the buster sword Rude and Loz
"Duuuude! It's not even delivery, it's DiGiorno!" Marlene tending to Denzel Making tire tracks
Tifa, Denzel and Yuffie Rude looking bald, and Reno looking not so bald Well this certainly is an interesting camera angle
Kadaj talking on his fancy phone Tifa walking up stairs
12.4.2004 A few more screens Jeux France
Feeling down. That face kids make when they get off the merry-go-round Cat eyes
Death flowers The sun always shines towards a brighter future Shakey camera syndrome
Ignore the Galerian to the left Tifa can't remember where she put the keys to her car
11.29.2004 High Resolution Screens
The slums? Marlene hiding Vincent Valentine
Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz Nice silver hair Tifa with beautiful stained-glass window
Cid prepares to connect The Shrin-Ra Electric Power Company Cloud holding Tifa
Just sitting around, talking The Turks' confrontation Reno and Rude
Cloud and Sephiroth Cloud holding his trusty Buster sword Tifa begins to awaken?
Cid smiling or is that a grimace? Red XIII up close and personal Sephiroth with a hint of flame
07.17.2004 Bakery Fresh Screens Sources: The Magic-box, Final Fantasy Warcry
Say hello to my little friend Walking through a run-down city They must teach stunt motorcycling at villain school
That's nothing, I can do that with a sparkler A clone and an ominous figure Cute widdle girl
Vincent up close and personal Vincent standing at the edge of a pond Addressing a crowd
"I know you're not talkin' 'bout my momma." Leaves falling on Tifa Loz, apparently standing under the same tree
Tifa would make a good Catwoman A fight...or a gymnastics lesson Looks like the smackdown is about to be laid
Indeed it has He must use lots of conditioner 2 clones out in the middle of nowhere
Still clones, and still nowhere Reno and Rude Tifa suspended in the air
05.12.2004 E3 Screens
An evil grin Barret posing Hey, it's bright out!
Aeris' church Walking down the aisle Catching Cloud's eye
Surveying the rubble The shrouded one Genuflection
Faceoff Buster sword's back Run, Cloud, run!
Defying the laws of physics Slash, parry This doesn't look good...
Let the sparks fly An ominous profile Let the clouds part...
Let the sparks fly 2 Intensity A familiar scene
Into the flames Ready...aim... A flameproof trenchcoat
Ready to ride One mean machine Kirlian photography?
Don't look back A double-barrelled attitude Ruins of Midgar
04.12.2004 The Addition Game Online
Not more gunblades... That poor couple A decisive battle
Turks? A kneel and a bow Setting up the D
Hot leather buddy Seph' hair stays styled The omniscient view
Megaman? With stabbing pain Bewilderment
Like a third eye Projectiles shouldn't come from swords Creepy trees
That's synthetic? Look odd to anyone else? Group battle
Make sure that blades sharp! All that pressure Dancing shadows
Bionic Barett Vincent, beneath moonlight One cold glare
And another back Resemblind the bat... Couldn't tell ya
le warpage Takes 1/3 of the screen! The evil eye
10.07.2003 First Screens
Who could this be? Doesn't that hurt? Scary
The Duel What's up? Don't come any closer
The blur of battle Missile attack Swing and a miss
Strong little sword Close up Quite the battle
What is this? Taking a break Cloud looking at the camera
Down the middle hall Aeris' Church
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