Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - News
· Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Ships Over 2.4 Million Units 06.19.2006  
· Advent Children Goes to the Silver Screen 03.27.2006  
· Take Two: Advent Children Release Date, Cast Announced 02.13.2006  
· The Advent Children Cross the Pond 02.09.2006  
· Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Making North American Debut 10.16.2005  
· Tetsuya Nomura Talks Big 09.15.2005  
·Kitase Discusses Compilation of Final Fantasy VII 09.01.2005  
· Advent Children Delayed 08.25.2005  
·Square Enix Tunes Up for Advent Children 08.15.2005  
· Advent Children to Premiere on Silver Screen 07.30.2005  
· Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Back to Venice 07.24.2005  
· Advent Children UMD Release Revealed 06.29.2005  
· Cloud Plays Santa, Distributes Limited Edition Goodness 06.10.2005  
· Cloud Agrees, North America Is Beautiful In September 05.13.2005  
· Blue Light Special on Release Dates, Aisle 3 05.11.2005  
·Tetsuya Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts II, Compilation of Final Fantasy VII 05.07.2005  
·Square Enix Lifts E3 Curtain, People Say, "Ooo" 04.25.2005  
· Advent Children Special Edition, Major Announcement Coming 04.15.2005  
· Square Enix Sites, Cubed 04.05.2005  
· Producer Discusses Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts II 03.20.2005  
· Advent Children Might Go Way Of Spirits Within 02.04.2005  
· Advent Children Site Updated 01.28.2005  
· Advent Children Site Receives Character Update 01.12.2005  
· Square Enix Unveils North American Titles 01.09.2005  
· Square Enix Releases New Advent Children Trailer 12.11.2004  
· Details Arise From Tetsuya Nomura Interview 12.01.2004  
· Square Enix Six-Month Financial Report Released 11.19.2004  
· Square Enix Comments on Advent Children Development 11.06.2004  
· Advent Children to Appear at Tokyo Festival 09.28.2004  
· Square Enix At TGS 09.25.2004  
· Advent Children Preview to be Screened at Venice Film Festival 07.30.2004  
· New Information for Final Fantasy VII Spinoffs Revealed 07.20.2004  
· New Characters Confirmed in FFVII: Advent Children 06.27.2004  
· More Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tidbits 06.20.2004  
· Square Enix Announces E3 Lineup 05.03.2004  
· Square Enix Looks to E3 03.14.2004  
· FFVII Action RPG Sequel Rumour Scuttled By Square Enix Europe 02.24.2004  
· Uematsu Tells All 01.11.2004  
· New Content Posted on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Site 01.03.2004  
· New Advent Children Details & Special Offer 12.26.2003  
· More New, Old Faces Revealed in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 12.17.2003  
·Final Fantasy X-2 Version to Come With Movie Trailer 12.01.2003  
·Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Site Set For Mystery Update 11.24.2003  
·Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Site Released 11.15.2003  
·US Release for FFVII: Advent Children? 10.18.2003  
·Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts Titles, New Final Fantasy Movie Forthcoming 09.25.2003  

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