Final Fantasy VII - Characters (Cid Highwind)
Hand-drawn artwork Rendering
Character Profile Artwork
Name:    Cid Highwind Cid
Age:    32 2
Height:    178 cm 3
Weapon:    Lances, Pikes 4
Job:    Pilot  
Birthday:    February 22  
Blood Type:    B  
Description:    Foul-mouthed but kind-hearted, Cid is the world's greatest pilot. He was a test pilot for Shinra's rocket but had to abandon his dreams of space travel when Shinra cut the funding to the project. Today, he is mayor of Rocket Town, where he can be always be found with his goggles, aviator jacket (with "High Wind" and "Air Master" patches), and several packs of cigarettes. Don't let his agitating attitude put you off; Cid truly has a heart of gold. His long lances give him a decisive advantage in any melee.
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