Final Fantasy VII - Characters (Tifa Lockheart)
Hand-drawn artwork Rendering
Character Profile Artwork
Name:    Tifa Lockheart Tifa
Age:    20 2
Height:    167 cm 3
Weapon:    Gloves 4
Job:    Bartender 5
Birthday:    May 3 6
Blood Type:    B  
Description:    Tifa is an upbeat young woman who always has a cheerful word for her comrades. While stunningly gorgeous, she can duke it out with the best of 'em! When not aiding AVALANCHE, Tifa tends Seventh Heaven, a bar in the slums. She still harbors a childhood crush on Cloud but is too shy to reveal her feelings. She is an expert kicker, and her left shoe has a metal-plated sole - for extra damage.
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