Final Fantasy VII - Characters (Barret Wallace)
Hand-drawn artwork Rendering
Character Profile Artwork
Name:    Barret Wallace Barret
Age:    35 2
Height:    197 cm 3
Weapon:    Gimmick Arm (Gatling Gun) 4
Job:    AVALANCE Leader 5
Birthday:    December 15  
Blood Type:    O  
Description:    Barret Wallace is the focused and determined leader of AVALANCHE, the rebels fighting the destructive policies of the Shinra Corporation. His right hand has been replaced by a prosthetic gun grafted directly onto his arm. Barret lost his wife Martha when his hometown of Corel was destroyed; now, he is left only with his beloved daughter Marlene. Despite this great tragedy, his outlook is generally positive. Barret prefers brute strength to agile and swift attacks.
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