Final Fantasy VII - Screen Shots (Spells)
White Magic
Esna cures most status ailments (except death) - 2
Black Magic
Break rearranges an opponent's molecules into solid stone
Bio infects an opponent with an energy-draining virus
Comet, a low-power version of "Meteo," bombards the enemy party with space debris
Flare attacks the enemy with a powerful fusion blast
Ice removes all thermal energy from an opponent, encasing them in ice
Gravity forms a gravity well around the enemy, cutting their energy in half
Remove sends the unfortunate enemy through a portal to another dimension
Toad turns an enemy into a helpless frog
Tornado creates a deadly wind funnel that can remove up to 90% of an opponent's energy!
Support Magic
Beserk makes a character an uncontrollable, raging, destructive force
Confuse makes a character randomly cast spells and attack friend and foe alike
Escape whisks your party away from troublesome fights
Reflect makes spells bounce right back at the caster
Stop freezes enemies in time, making them extremely vulnerable
Silence mutes magic using enemies, turning them into easy targets
Enemy Skills
Aqua Breath drowns the enemies in hydrous bubbles
Matra Magic sends dozens of tiny missles careening towards the enemy
Laser fires a beam of powerful energy
Magic Hammer summons a hammer that steals the enemy's Magic Points
Mighty Guard raises the defense of your entire party
White Wind restores the Hit Points of your entire party
Summon Magic
Ifrit burns enemies with his hellish flame - CG Artwork - 2 - 3
Leviatan floods opponents with his tsunami wave
Ramuh, the God of Thunder, summons immense storms - CG Artwork - 2 - 3
Titan causes earthquakes, ripping the very foundations on which your opponents stand - CG Artwork - 2 - 3
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