Final Fantasy VII - Screen Shots (The Ending)
Descend to the heart of the North Cave
Sephiroth keeps the party floating
Sephiroth draws in the party
Bizarro Sephiroth is evil incarnate
Bizarro Sephiroth is attacked by Omnislash
Seraph Sephiroth is the one-winged angel
Veni, veni, venias; ne me mori facias
Seraph Sephiroth is attacked by Omnislash
Seraph Sephiroth is destroyed
Cloud senses the Lifestream
Cloud dives into his psyche
Sephiroth awaits
The final confrontation
Cloud and Tifa
Barret yells, "Heeeey!"
Tifa shouts, "I'm glad you're all safe!"
Red XIII is wizened and battle-scarred
Red XIII warns, "We've gotta worry about the Planet."
Barret asks, "But ... now what're we going to do?"
Cid uses a colorful explicative
Cid pulls the lever
The new airship
Marlene glances towards the window
Marlene opens the window
Meteor attacks Midgar
The Lifestream encircles the globe
Red XIII's cubs
Red XIII and his cubs stand at the cliff's edge
Midgar, free at last
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