Final Fantasy VII - Screen Shots (Battles)
The party attacks an egg.
Soldiers attack your party.
Fear more soldiers.
Lightning! 'Girl' is dead!
The bright lights of a limit break.
The earth growls...
Inside ShinRa...
Attacking a spider... (What stats!)
Ice 1!
Let's see the enemies deal with Leviathan!
!!! It's 3 giant clocks! Run! (Haste 2)
I think their just a bit dead...
They see stars...
Frog power!
I think that hurts just a little.
...that too.
Cheaters! I see those stats!
Ugly lookin' rat things.
More flying enemies...
More ugly lookin' rat things.
I dont think this ghost sells items.
Talk to the clock cuz' the face don't wanna hear it.
5 down... millions to go...
And in the new anime hair section...
Let's fight!
"Fear my awesome green powers..."
Anyone have some raid?
Who wants seafood?
Way too many crabs...
5 vs 3...
Anyone have a really big flyswatter?
Actually I think this sword will do fine.
Or this gun.
I think we need more than the above for this battle...
Aww.... How kawaii!! (Cute)
This thing. It's what's for dinner.
That's the spot... right there.
More crabs!
Panthers... in a reactor?
"It's on now."
ShinRa guardian robots!
Healing Wind!
Die big-super-bug-boss, DIE!
Leviathan is NOT happy.
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