Writing of Wrongs
By James Chilcott and Mike Dixon
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Prologue: Writing of Wrongs


In the beginning...

In the beginning there was the Void. And God took the Void and fashioned from it a world, neatly spherical and with a nice unfeasible Force called gravity to keep everyone stuck to it. And He put Animals and Plants on it, and eventually worked His way up to what He called homo interessans, or curious man.

And Man grew stronger and More intelligent, and the time came when God decided to run a minor test on him. So He Wrote a book, which He, for want of a Better Name, entitled 'the Bible.' But when He released it, Man took it Far too seriously. And so God realised that Man was not ready to interact with literature directly, but He knew that it would be Necessary if Man was to achieve his true potential.

So God retired from the World, and formed Himself a smaller Set of dimensions. And He watched Man for many years, and whenever He found a person finely attuned to literature, He plucked him from the world and Taught him to write the Book of Life.

And now twelve Writers compose the Book of Life. And God edits it, and a group of select Agents make up the Literary Task Force, who head down Unto the world and make sure that things go as God and the Writers have Planned. And Man, down on the world, remains Happily oblivious to the fact that he is merely a Character in a Book, in the great Book of Life, of which we are All but paragraphs.

But of course, as with any book, there are those who wield the pen...

Prologue: Writing of Wrongs
Part 1: For What We Are About to Receive
   Chapter I: Editorial Changes
   Chapter II: Insert Chapter Title Here
   Chapter III: Biohazard
Part 2: Present Imperfect
   Chapter IV: Ahead on our Way
   Chapter V: On That Day, Five Years Ago...
   Chapter VI: Feather in the Wind (reprise)
Part 3: World Travel
   Chapter VII: Twelve Good Men on a Dead Man's Chest
   Chapter VIII: Music of the Night
   Chapter IX: Drawing Inexorably
Part 4: Crossroads
   Chapter X: The Trousers of Time
Part 5: Calculus
   Chapter XI: Differentiation & Integration
   Chapter XII: The Sunrise and I
   Chapter XIII: The Best Is Yet To Come
Part 6: Introduction to Destruction
   Chapter XIV: Makes No Difference
   Chapter XV: Second Impact
   Chapter XVI: Judgment Day
Epilogue: Loose Ends
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