By: Rene Geissinger


All alone, I sit in a house in Kalm, and wait for him. My treasure, who

I adore more than my own life, which I would readily give for him. But

he does not ask it of me. He only asks that I love him. He was at

Northern Crater last I heard from him. But they say he now is trapped

in Lifestream, battling it out with his demons. Whether that's true or

not, he will come back to me, I can feel it.

I think it was his eyes that got me first. Piercing green, with the

glow of Mako. Eyes I could get lost in forever, for when he looks at

me, they are kind.

I hear what the others say about him, and I shake my head. This is not

him. It's that inhuman thing in him, Jenova, that is doing this. And he

is tormented by it. He tries to fight it, I've watched him many nights

as he struggled to keep his sanity. And he manages it when he is with


All alone, I sit and wait. I expect at almost every turn to see him, or

hear his voice, the low baritone that takes on a different tone around

me. And All I have to remind me of his face are pictures by my bedside.

I can't stand this. The empty house, only a book with empty pages that

I write in.


I cook supper for friends every so often, but they don't come around

much anymore. I told him before he left for the Northern continent that

we really should leave Kalm. The people are avoiding us because I am

with him. And they are afraid of me now, because I carry his child.


I feel it getting stronger each day, he is returning, I know it. I am

preparing for when the baby comes, in about 2 weeks. I hope that he

defeats his demons and comes home before then.


He came last night, it took me by surprise. I was sitting on his chair,

and knitting a blanket for the baby, who was born on 7.22. I heard a

noise in the corridor. I picked up my daughter, and went to the door. I

opened it, and I saw those eyes and his silver hair blew gently in the

breeze. And in his eyes, there was no trace of the coldness that so

many people saw. He came over and took our daughter from my arms. She

was sleeping, and I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"What are you going to name her?" I asked. He had asked that he be

allowed to name her.

"Aeris." He said, and a faint glimmer of sadness glowed in his eyes. He

regretted killing her more than anyone else. He tells me time and time

again, that if he had known she was Professor Gast's daughter, he

wouldn't have killed her. I looked up at him and smiled for the first

time in 5 months.

"Welcome home, Sephiroth."

Contact me with feed back at I have a whole

novel/fanfic called "Sephiroth's Redemption." It has diaries from

Sephiroth's wife, Mina, letters back and forth, Sephiroth's diary, And

this short story. I don't plan to have it posted anywhere anytime soon,

so if you email me, I'll gladly send a copy through email.

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