There Was Beauty


She watched him as he walked back and forth. He'd been pacing for hours now, his forehead creased with concern, his left hand rubbing his “black whiskers” – as she liked to call them – and his face set in that stubborn look of determination. He was always like this before a mission.

And she always watched him with those chestnut eyes of hers, wondering, probing, trying to comprehend things she could never truly understand. But it didn't matter. She liked to watch him. He was her hero, after all. He was her guardian. He would save her. He would protect her from anything.

He turned around again, this time with a grunt. His concern slowly melted away to frustration and he cursed softly. He was planning something. He was never good at planning, but all leaders had to. This particular idea wasn't working in that head of his; his eyes showed fear again, fear that whatever plan he came up with would fail. He was not afraid for himself, of course. He was afraid for his friends – the weird little family that he had made over the last four years. What if he failed them this time?

He found the other end of the room and pivoted on his left foot.

She still watched curiously, her head cocked to the side, her fountain of auburn hair rushing down her shoulder.

He finally glanced at her. And her beautiful toffee colored orbs met with his, a smile touching her lips. His frustration quickly was dissolved and his face softened. It didn't matter what plan he had. It didn't matter what lied ahead. As long as she was by his side, everything seemed beautiful. Her childish innocence saved him yet again. She always saved him.

He smiled.

There was beauty suddenly.