The Infirmary
Amy "Kay" Purcell


"You really shouldn't be drinking," a low, stoic voice broke the silence of the 64th floor infirmary. A light chuckle was the only answer those words immediately received, and was promptly followed by another few gulps.

"You and your nagging's never stopped me before, Rude." The words slid off Reno's lips in a cocky, half scold, half purr. "The hell else am I supposed to do here? I've got two weeks sick time off, and I'm sure as hell not gonna spend it sober!"

The room was white, lined with beds, and completely empty, save the presence of Reno and Rude, two members of Shin-Ra's elite spy network known as the Turks. The camera which usually rolled tape, monitoring and recording everything which went on in this room had 'malfunctioned' just after the bandage-wrapped, bed laden red head known only by the name of Reno had arrived. How convenient for him.

"Tseng is going to catch you," Rude, a tall, broad male with multiple piercings in his ears, dark glasses over his eyes, and a shaved, shined head reminded.

"Again with the nagging!" the redhead sighed, waving a hand dismissively, wincing at the pain that action brought to his ribs. "Oh, hey, time for my meds!" Reno exclaimed with great enthusiasm, having been reminded by that shooting pain. He quickly snatched a little bottle of pills off the bed side table, fishing two white pills out of the bottle and dropping them into the palm of one hand. Rude shook his head in quiet disbelief, watching his unofficial partner and best friend toss back those pills, washing these down with another long drink from that silver flask. Rude often wondered how it was that his redheaded friend was still alive.

"I met the new recruit," Rude announced after a long silence, voice monotone as ever.

"Am I actually going to have to work because of him?" the redhead questioned with a sharp frown. He hated working, but he loved his job. Hey, it made sense to him. It had been a long time since he had done anything more than a half-assed job, and he had no desire to change that now.

"Her," came the flat correction.

"Her?" Reno sat half way up in surprise, propping himself up on his elbows as a mischievous light entered those icy blue eyes.

"Yes. Her."

Reno sat in silent expectation for a few moments, red brows lifting in anticipation. When it became obvious that Rude would not elaborate on his own, the blue eyed male broke into a half whine. "Oh c'mon! Give me more than that!" He glanced around, searching for something more expendable than that flask to throw at his partner.

Rude shrugged slightly, unsure just what to say. "She's small. Blonde. Seems eager but... ... ...not all there." Rude hesitated over his words, finding that, as usual, they did not come easily to him.

"Blonde, eh?" Reno leaned back a bit more into his pillow, wincing a bit as he did so, running his fingers though those messy strands of fire red hair. "I could do another blonde..." he announced thoughtfully, expression twisting into a plotting smirk.

Rude shook his head, deciding against commenting on his friend's one-track mind. "I should go," he announced flatly, rising and pushing his dark glasses further up on his nose.

"Yeah, yeah," the redhead shrugged, rubbing a thumb absently over the scar under his right eye, the force of an old habit. "Hey! Bring me some better booze next time! This cheap shit is givin' me hangovers!"

Rude moved to the door, shaking his head as he glanced back over his shoulder, announcing: "If you didn't drink while on meds, you wouldn't have to worry about it." He promptly stepped out of the room and closed the door, ignoring that one, expressive finger the redhead flashed him as he departed.

In the silence which consumed the room after his partner's departure, Reno proceded to amuse himself with another few hits from that flask, all the while turning the possibilities of the blonde Turk girl over in his mind. The sound of footfalls nearing the infirmary door shattered his train of thought, he suddenly snapping to action.

"Shit! Tseng!" he hissed, swiftly capping that flask and stashing it under his mattress. He shifted onto his stomach, one foot hanging over the edge of his bed. He buried his face into his pillow and let out a practice groan of mock-pain. Ah, good. That sounded believable to him.

He lay still as the door opened, footsteps nearing the bed where his bandaged form was sprawled. He let out a loud groan as a finger descended, poking sharply at one bandaged side.

"Just lemme sleep..." he moaned, voice muffled by that pillow, hoping that Tseng would believe his little performance and would make a quick exit. He had cheap whiskey to finish, damnit!

Another poke, another groggy groan, and those footsteps traveled away from the bed and toward the door. Reno smirked into his pillow at his success, quite pleased at having rid himself of that pesky boss of his.

"Sucker," he breathed, turning his face toward that door, expecting to see Tseng departing. He blinked, head lifting a bit more when he saw, moving away from him, not that slim, dark haired form, but rather a blonde with spiky hair and a large sword strapped to his back.

"Well I'll be damned," he whispered head shaking a little as that door clicked shut. So, AVALANCHE had made it this far. He again chuckled lowly to himself, reaching to pull his flask from beneath the mattress. Uncapping it, he tossed back a shot, shaking his head as he murmured to the wind, "Here's to those crazy bastards."