ID NO.#: SHINRA/79013342
JOB: Gunman/Sharpshooter of the Turks
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
BIRTHDATE: October 13th
BIRTHPLACE: Midgar (?)
Medium frame; thin, tall white male with straight black hair and brown eyes

Vincent Valentine became a member of the Turks at age 23, just 5 years he moved out of after his father died. (His mother passed away at age 4.) He previously had attended a higher university (school name unknown), where he majored in the literary arts. There, he was known as being a loner who showed great skill as a member of both of the school's archery and trapshooting teams. These abilities caught the attention of the Turks' recruiting team, who then convinced Vincent that he would make an excellent Turk. He soon became known as one of Shinra's finest marksmen, and was known for being able to work just as effectively alone as with a team. His high intelligence was also considered to be an asset to the Turks, as was his unemotional attitude towards his work as a trained assassin. Vincent performed some of the dirtier jobs of the Turks and took many odd assignments to foreign places, where he seemed to be the happiest.

It was during one of those distant assignments, that Vincent disappeared. He was assigned to serve as the bodyguard to both Professors Gast and Hojo, during the duration of their experiments (the Jenova Project) in Nibelheim. It was during this time, that he disappeared suddenly. The day he was last seen, (as reported by a Shinra Guard, name unknown) it is said that he was seen insistently following one of Professor Gast's assistants (first name Lucrecia, last name unknown) around town. He was said to have tears running down his face, with a distressed look on his face. After several lengthy investigations by both Shinra and the Turks, no trace of Vincent's body was ever recovered, and is still assumed to be missing in action. Although many rumors about a suspected love triangle between Vincent, Lucrecia, and a jealous Professor Hojo (who, in most versions of the rumor, is said to have either used Vincent as a part of his experiments or killed him and hid his body) have surfaced, none of them have proved to be true. (Hojo was later questioned, but he claimed to know nothing about Vincent's sudden disappearance.)

NOTE: New rumors have surfaced recently, rumors that place Vincent alive today, almost 30 years later, despite some physical changes due to genetic experimentation by Professor Hojo. It is said that a man fitting Vincent's description has been seen in the rebel group, AVALANCHE.

(By: Shokoku Phoenix)