ID NO.#: SHINRA/79013342
PROJECT LEADER: Professor Hojo, PhD, M.D., Shinra Lab. Corp.

Personal Information:
Age: 27
Birthdate: October 13th
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Member of Turks Organization
Specific Job: sharpshooter/gunman
Current Location/Whereabouts: Nibelheim


ENTRY 1: Project began on date XX/XX/XX, with the physical incapacitation of the subject after he had expressed interest in halting my other human-based projects, namely, the Jenova Project at Nibelheim. He had moral objections to my sciences, and to my personal life, and I had some objections to the way he tended to get too nosy with my business. A curious member of the Turks was a far too dangerous person to have wandering about, so I decided that he would make an excellent volunteer for my studies.

He was a white male of six feet, zero inches in height, black hair and brown eyes. Physically, he was not as strong as some of my previous subjects, but he appeared to make up for that flaw with higher then average intelligence. The project would also make up for his poor physical stamina. He was brought as close to full clinical brain-death as we can possibly revive someone from, for the commencement of testing. Heart rate was slowed to zero beats per min, ocular reaction time: 18.02 min/sec, temp. 43.F, cerebral alpha wave production ceased twice, beta wave production, once. Destruction of the brain cells through anoxia was surprisingly, not noted throughout the ordeal. Testing will begin now.

ENTRY 2: Subject physically appears to be completely stable. His body is slowly undergoing the fantastic xenogenic transformations that I have before noted with heavy use of exobiological genetic splicing. His left arm, from the joint of the elbow to the phalanges, is almost been rendered completely useless from the incapacitati>...on.__Perhaps I --should have usedasmaller caliber round, but then again, perhaps not. Mentally, he seems to be facing the same effects as some of the other subjects. Temporary bouts of schizoid, manic/depressive, and paranoiac behavior is rather marked in him. He is responding very poorly to treatments of thorazine and cephaloxin, quite often because he believes that the drugs are making him appear more ill. He is quite vocal now at the time of this entry, which is telling me, that it is time for more tranquilizers. (For the both of us.)

ENTRY 3: Subject's health is failing rapidly due t...oagangrenous infection that has centralizedinhis left arm. A large amount of seeping yellow lymph from the arm's surviving live tissuestumpa...nd leaking through various exposed wounds is indicating a far higher than normal white blood cell count, which can only have one of three explanations - 1. Nodal lymphoma, 2. High immunological response to the gene therapy, or 3. Perhaps he has developed a new form of leukemia, the likes of which I have seen elsewhere only in rare cases with canid mammals. If it is proven to be cancerous, then the subject will be terminated shortly thereafter. But in the meantime, it appears that I will be forced to ampu..-ate the inf..ect_ed limb. This is actually advantageous, as I have just recently learned that a recently deceased colleague of mine had just completed a new type of-artific..ial arm. I would like to be the first one to test its effectiveness.

ENTRY 4: The...a--mput__ationwasa complete success, and the gangrenous infection is now gone. The new arm is working nicely, and it's overall 'claw' shape has given me a new idea with which to take this project. The subject's body is doing well, and even though I cannot find the cause of the increased white blood cell count, it does not seem to be negatively affecting the project. The subject is far more vicious now than ever before, and quite often I have to restrain him with cattle ties and nylon straps. It would appear that the genetic enhancements are working well, as he now can easily overpower two men. I am exchanging the anti-psychotic thorazine with a much stronger drug, the veterinary anesthetic diazepam. I am familiar with the veterinary uses of this drug, but as noted before, I typically do not use anesthetics in my experiments, as the subjects to not appear to be affected by them. But when they are delivered in very high doses, the subjects can be temporarily weakened and quieted by these drugs. An interesting side effect of the gene therapy.

ENTRY 5: I have become quite inventive with my recent work on the former Mr. Valentine. I have been experimenting with the various genes that control the color of his irises. I had attempted to engineer them to change color in the light, making in effect, a reflecting surface that resembled a compact disks' surface. But his eyes' genes were uncooperative, and instead I simply abandoned the experiment temporarily, and have left his irises colorless, and red, in case I ever choose to return to that project. In addition to that, the only genes that appear to have fully taken was the genes of the extinct Galian Beast creature. His transformational abilities are limited, at best, but can be quite entertaining when things get too quiet down here. His hair is much longer now, and he is far more solemn and depressed than before. I think that he has finally come to the realization that my experiment is not a temporary thing, and that he will never be able to be free again. His mental clarity is surprisingly sharp, and I believe now that his memories are the only things keeping him from going completely mad. But even they cannot change the fact that he is no longer fully human. He is a creation, created through the processes of my science. He is now a manufactured 'monster', which is more correctly known as a 'teratogen'. One of my assistants even thinks that when he is unconscious, he resembles the brooding vampires of popular horror legends. I think that I will make further attempts to make him look more like this.

ENTRY 6: He is truly freakish now. I have entered far more genes into him than before because he seemed to be doing so well with the previous therapies. The genes of several creatures are now his. I chose the ugliest creatures that I could, because I am keeping with a 'monster' theme with him. I have left his genes open for further entries and changes with his DNA coding, in case I come up with something new to add to his collection of forms and abilities. But even through all of this, I have become bored with him. His genes, his eyes, his twisted body... all of him. I have several new projects going on now, one of which is my life's greatest work, that of the Jenova Project on my new son. He is showing far more promise then any of us could have hoped for, and I will strive for that perfection with him. I am finalizing the test data for this project, so I can focus my creative energies on Jenova and my son. I believe that Mr. Valentine is finally a broken man, as he no longer speaks to anyone, and the Turks have long since stopped looking for him. In his most recent physical form, he is almost completely unrecognizable as the normal human man that he was before. He does not eat or drink much of anything now, and he sleeps almost continuously. He even now sleeps through the bone marrow genetic testing sequences, which I can imagine, are extremely painful. He appears to have one desire now, and that is to sleep as much as he can. I will grant him this final wish.

FINAL ENTRY: I must destroy all opposition to my work, even that one from the Turks. I have put him to sleep in the basement of this mansion. If you wish to find him, than you must play my little game. Hidden in this mansion are the clues that will unlock the safe on the second floor. Ah, but who will want to rescue a freakish monster?! (Rest in peace, Mr. Valentine.)

- Professor Hojo, PhD, M.D., Shinra Lab. Corp.
(By: Shokoku Phoenix)