Rocket Town in the Springtime

Every day I wake up to the same old shit.
Goddamn alarm clock, I should smash it into bits.

At first sunrise I have a cup of joe.
But when Shera finally brings it,
it's always so goddamn cold!

But of course, that's Shera
can't do anything right...
She killed my lovely rocket
and ruined my $@#%' life.

Thank God for the Tiny Bronco
Its beautiful wings glisten in the sun!
If Shera even so much as touches it,
I'll shoot her with a gun.

DAMMIT! Why can't I stop thinking about
that stupid little witch?

Maybe I'm in love
In a sick, twisted way...
Maybe I should pick some daisies or something...
After all, its a pretty good day...

So when I come home
with the flowers in my hand,
Shera, that idiot, with door wide-open,
is sitting on the can.

"GODDAMMIT!" I scream as I rapidly turn away.
Now that's an image that's really gonna stay.

A few minutes later, Shera comes out,
Blushing and pouting and ready to cry...
I throw the flowers at her,
and look deep into her eyes.

The moment passes,
She smiles so beautifully at me.
But all I can say is,