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by: Rose Angel

Both of us were at the ball. Refreshment tables, bulters, servants, guests, music and lights were everywhere. It was a regular ball; couples danced on the floor gracefully.

My father seemed to have danced with every girl there--except for mother. He flirted with them and they graciously allowed him to. Probably just because he was in command of Shinra.

Mother was sitting down at one of the dinner table chairs, hands locked together on her lap. She stared at the ground, bright azure eyes a shade darker than usual. She had refused other men's offers quietly and continued gazing at what appeared like nothing. She wasn't always this distant. I wondered if I could cheer her up.

I suavely strolled to her, dipping my upper body into a bow and holding out my hand. Strawberry blond bangs fell over my left, blue eye. My hair was slicked to that side in its usual style.

"My lady," I said, in my deep, seventeen-year-old voice. "Would you let me have just one dance?"

Mother's eyes slowly drifted to my face. She sat there, considering me for a moment, then a ghost of a smile crawled onto her lips. "Oh, Rufus..." her soft, barely audible tone whispered. "Of course."

Her gloved hand gently laid itself on top of mine, and I grasped it. She was so delicate and small, like a Porcelian doll. I was afraid that if I would let her stand on her own, she would fall and break into a million pieces.

I helped her to her feet. Her white gown twirled about her like a blooming flower. She gave me another rare grin, but her grins never seemed right. They just didn't fit the curves of her cheeks, nose, and eyes correctly. Sometimes I thought someone had cursed her to be depressed forever.

Little did I know.

I lead her through the mobs of dancers. Some stopped to speak a greeting of some sort, and--through my up-bringing--I automatically gave "Good day to you, sir, ma'am"s in return.

We found a space clear enough, just for us. I glanced up at the conductor and the classical band playing near us, and raised my hand in a motion for a tune more bouncier. Something happier for mother. The conductor noted me and nodded once, then ordered the band into a different, cheerier set of notes.

I smiled faintly, bowed again, and swept mother into a rapid pace of turns, swirls, and sidesteps. I heard her choke out a laugh or two and felt better. The dance was working for her.

All too soon, the music ended. It slowed down greatly, and I pulled mother into the right position of a slow dance. She sighed, resting her chin on my shoulder, and whispered in my ear a brief "Thank you, Rufus".

We seperated. She regathered herself while I straightened my suit. When I looked at her again, she seemed sadder than before. Her intelligent eyes were even more distant.

No, that's not right. She was suppose to be happy.

I didn't voice my musings. "It's all right. I like to see you smiling. You're my mom, after all."

The color was nearly completely drained from her cheeks. I thought, maybe, she might collapse.

"My baby boy..." She eyed me up and down. "You've grown so much. You're going to be a fine, young man."

Blush crept onto my face. "Mom..."

She spread her arms open. "Come. Let me hug you like I use to."

Normally, it would be embarrassing to do that in public. But I didn't mind. She was my mother and I loved her.

We embraced like a mother and son should. She murmured something I barely caught wind of: "Sometimes I think you're the only thing in this world that holds me together."

I paused, recalling a memory of when I was six. She was happier back then and she was tickling me. And she had said suddenly, after all of the screaming and laughing, "Your father was nice to me before. Now I realize he just used me to get a heir for Shinra..."

Then she had hugged me. I didn't understand what she was talking about at that moment, but now I do.

"Rufus... Now you're the only thing that holds me together," she had finished.

Then she had cried softly, only for a little bit. Being naive, I had comforted her in a childish ways, saying "Everything is going to be okay, Momma. You'll see."

I didn't even know what was wrong.

Her voice snapped me back to the present. "Excuse me, Rufus."

Mother left, plowing through the crowd. I caught her once, staring back at me as if she wanted me to imprint her face into my mind. She saw me looking at her and gave me her sad smile, mouthing "I love you". I simply smiled in return and went to the dinner tables.

Thirty minutes passed and she hadn't come back. I knew it was silly to worry about someone who was only gone for a mere thirty minutes, but a wretched feeling was gnawing at my gut. So, I went out of the ball room to search for her.


I found her. She was swinging from the chandeliar, held up by a thick rope.

I found her. Auburn hair curling around her pale face; eyes close for eternity; invisible tears streaking down her cheeks; pretty white gown tattered at the edges; feet bare with her fancy ball shoes lying on a heap below her.

I found her dead.

I found mother dead.

"M-mom...?" I cried, taking a tentative step forward. I was dressed in a white tuxedo, all made-up to look nice in front of the guests, for a grand ball was taking place in the Shinra mansion.

And I had found my mother dead.

"Mom!?" I shouted to her lifeless corpse. "Mom!"

It was useless to call for her. She was gone, and I knew it. But that doesn't mean I have to accept it.


My scream radiated throughout the large room. The ceiling was low and I spotted a tall ladder nearby. It wouldn't be hard to tie a rope to a chandeliar and hang oneself.

Wasn't it just a few minutes earlier that we had been dancing and giggling? Wasn't she just going out for a walk? A breath of fresh air? Wasn't she happy?

No. Mother was never happy. Not recently.

But to--

What about me?


I felt the impact as I fell to my knees to the cold, marble floor. My hands were trembling and my body was shaking. I shook my head numbly as tears trickled down.

"No... How Mom...."

I was suppose to make her happy. She had said I made her happy.

She had lied to me.

Hearing my shouts, people started to pile into the room, gasping at the scene. I heard phrases like, "Oh my god! Devon Shinra! She--" "Someone call an ambulance! The police! Anybody!" "Rufus, the poor dear. How awful it must be to be the one to find her."

I felt a presence near me and I looked up with blurry eyes. It was my father. He laid a chubby hand on my shoulder and spoke in a gruff, arrogant voice, "Son."

I opened my mouth to reply coldly. I was about to call him "father", but decided that he didn't deserve it. He hardly talked to me and I hardly talked to him. Mother was always the one to take care of me.

And now all I had was him. Mother had left me to be raised by the devil.

My father stood, impassive. He didn't show show any emotion, only saying "It's a pity" and then he, too, left.

People began to surround me. Some called for help. Others tried to comfort me, telling me it'll be okay and patting my back.

No, it won't be okay. It never was. Mother had left, my father didn't care, and my life is a big joke. I could see that.

What was it going to be like from now on?

I'll just act like my father, since it was mother's decision to leave me in his hands. I just won't care.

All the chaos and noise died down. I didn't see, hear, smell, or feel anything, because I had shut myself off from the world.


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