My Turks
Amethyst Gold

You crazy hothead.
Yeah, you skinny guy with the gun,
Conceited drunk, you rebel,
You're in charge now.
Straighten up and calm down.
You need to be cool to take over.
You've got responsibility now,
So don't disappoint me.
Take care of my Turks.

Cold cutthroat,
Hiding your face, your emotions,
Behind those dark sunglasses,
You're not afraid to hurt, if you need to.
Show some compassion.
I was like that once.
Don't become like I was.
You've got nerve, man, and strength.
Defend my Turks.

Hey there, kid.
I'm sorry about tonight.
Sorry I can't be there,
But I think you'll understand.
Don't cry for me, whatever you do.
I'm better off than you are.
Don't let them scare you or belittle you.
You knew me well--tell them what I would say.
Encourage my Turks.

Pretty young woman,
So gentle and innocent,
I depart breathing your fragrance
Of lilies and roses.
Don't offer up my spirit
With a whispered word.
Save your words for those who need them.
Grant me this favor:
Pray for my Turks.