I see him

© June 1999

Nona 'Mintbaby' Johnson

I see him laughing and can not help but laugh

I see him crying and can not help but cry,

just to ease his pain.

He has her but I will always love him.

I couldn't ever tell him that, though...

I sigh and turn away

happy because I saved his world

just to ease his sorrow.

He will love her but I will always have him...

My memories are enough here...

I will miss the soft scent of my flowers

I will miss the brooding silence of his face

Life has a funny way of changing things,

doesn't it?

I know she believes she's a coward

but she doesn't know

how often I wanted to say what she did.

She's living the moment I sacrificed

to save him.

I see him laughing and can not help but cry.

He has her, but I will always love him

This is about Aeris while she watches the people she loves from within the Lifestream. I hate to think she's dead because she's such a sweet and angelic character. And yet she's tough! I felt bad because she had such a promising life stolen from her from a guy you wish wasn't evil... She was so brave and yet, I bet she thought she was a coward because she never told Cloud how she felt. How many times have we all done that same thing?


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