by Audrey










Nurse? NURSE!

Nurse is dead, daddy. It's just you and me now. You, me, and oh-yeah. Mommy in the big blue tank.


Sephiroth. That's my name. You gave it to me, don't you remember?


Didn't expect me to wake up, did you? Expected me to stay under anesthesia, didn't you? Thought I'd stay meek and passed out like the other mommy was, didn't you? Feel like a fool, a scared, pissinhispants fool now, don't you? AHA! Ahahahaha!


What do I want?


I want to know something. I want you to answer a question Professor Hojo sir, your hands stained with my blood, fists stuck in my stomach. fingers monitoring my heart, knife cutting my skin. Your your dirty measly self POLLUTING me.... should not even TOUCH me, I...ARRRGH!

Oh G-God! What is it that you want?!?!

I want to know, Sir, what it's like. I want to know what the warm gushy insides of one Grand General Sephiroth are like. I want to know what you're doing when you go like *this*.

Oh Good Lord, don't do tha-

Why? Why? You can stuff your hands in my guts and I can't? Here, take my pulse Professor, come, come. You're a doctor, you're not scared of blood. I won't bite. Or strangle you with my intestines. Oh, no. I- ANSWER THE QUESTION, SIR.

The Que-que-que...

WHO AM I? What are my inner workings like? What makes little Sephi go Tick-tock? Are there gears? Little things that go round and round inside me, churning? Ooh! Is there a hamster? On a wheel? Ehhehehe.

You're in-insane!

Oh, really, Hojo? And whose fault is that, may I ask. I'm your damn creation. Your...your...Frankenstein! Which brings me to the most important part of my question. What exactly is up in *taptaptap* here? You know, the old SOLDIER-noggin. The big gray mass. The squishy wrinkly. The- GAH! fair. Electric...tasers...aren't...part of the

Shush now Sephiroth, lay down on the table.

You gonna wipe my memory?


Gonna make me forget who I am? Who I love or uh...don't?


Gonna...God, that hurts...gonna dig out my heart and put in a...motor...? Gonna make me big and bad and all evil and capable of killing millions?


Gonna...gonna make me perfect, eh? God?

That or I'll kill you.

Oh. Ok.