by Tawnie Thiessen
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Marching through the night
All is snow-white
Soldiers march ahead
I must follow

Such are memories
Now lost to me
Burned away
By my flame

That girl lost in fear
Sheds a sad tear
Just a mindless slave
To rob and kill

I forget my pain
Leaving no stain
Of that day
Of mis'ry

Once my heart was cold
Though made of gold
Oh, I prayed and prayed
To become free

My identity
Still a mystery
I go on

I want to know
Why was I born
Half a human
And half a soul of magic

What is my name...?

Note: The words to this poem also work as lyrics to Terra's theme. The last five lines only work with the actual song "Terra" (the overworld music in the World of Balance), because it has a secondary theme following the main theme. The rest of the lyrics will work with any other version of the song (i.e. the opening theme). As for actually singing it, it probably sounds a bit better if some of the notes are slowed down, but that's just my opinion.


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