Song for Locke

By Brennan Bajdek

There was once a soldier, named Garet Cole.

Turned to a thief, and claimed things he stole.

A wife he did wed, her name Marion.

A few months later, they had a son.

For the things he did pick, his dad named him Locke.

A little tike he was, but he sure could talk.

Rude for his age, he grew to a teen.

Broke a kid's nose, another boy's spleen.

Dad and mom died after a raid in the town.

Locke ran away, on his face a frown.

Traveled about, "Treasure hunter!" he claim.

" I'll find the best relics, and gather my fame!"

A thief he was called, throughout the land.

Smacked the gossipers' face with the back of his hand.

Went up north to a town called Narshe.

News of a witch who was slightly harsh.

From there, they moved on, meeting people they saw.

A ninja, a king, and a beast-boy named Gau.

Togather they teamed up, to take on a goon.

Kefka his name, and his world destruction soon.

Well, I'm done, but don't frown.

Locke saved the world from a lunatic clown.

Befriended the witch, and some other guys too.

And lived happily, that which he knew.

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