Silent Curses

By: James Thorne

"Ann, it's me."

Come on, coward. Mention yer name already. Still hiding?

"I know. I haven't come to visit in three years, I'm really sorry."

Ooooooh, I'm cryin'! How emotional- how pathetic! I'm surprised she even talked to you!

"Well, I, I guess I'll be visiting more often from now on, now that everything's calmed down...."

Bah, you never even visited before things got stirred up! Wuss.

"I, I was hoping to come to you, to live with you again. But, I, I lived. Ann, are only kind and pure people granted rest? Nothin' has ever helped me, 'cept you. You were always kind to me."

Well, that was pieced together nicely. Jeez.... "Are only kind and pure people granted rest?" Heh, you're gonna be havin' Nightmares for eternity then.

"Here, it's not much, but I brought you these flowers. They're roses. You always liked them, and I thought, well, you know, you might like to have 'em."

Jeez, always cold and calm in front of your "friends," but meltin' like butter here. Can't say a single phrase without screwin' up, huh?

"I did my best to protect her without being too obvious. I know that I should tell her, but, but.... I love her, and, I can't just tell her that. You know, she's tough, but this isn't the kind of thing you tell your child."

Ooooooh, admitting it, eh? This is gettin' good!

"Uhhhh, I sent her a letter. I told her that her parents love her and always have.... I couldn't think of anything else to say. Sorry."

What a sap. Couldn't reveal yer name to her either? Man, why don't ya jist admit the whole goddamn thing! Man, can't ya tell her the truth? How pathetic.

"I.... I also wanted to bring this, Ann. You, you gave this to me back 'for I left. I always wore it, I swear! I really did!"

"Did?" But do ya still wear it now?

"It's the bracelet you gave me. It's very lovely, really. It's always been my good luck charm. But, uhhhhhh, I thought you, you might like it back."

Heh, you just didn't want ta look after it anymore, did ya?

"Well, we did manage to kill 'im.... Kefka."

Oh, come on! You sat in the back while everybody else was takin' the guy down! "Assasin." How pitiful. Strike from the shadows, kill yer prey, but can barely tell which is the business end of yer sword in a real fight.

"I'm going to live an honest life from now on. I don't want to steal or hurt people any more. Besides, I've got a bunch, a bunch of gold now, enough to last for a few years at least. And I'm gonna get a job, too."

Job? What ever happened to the good ol' days? Hell, man, you used to steal from kids if they had money!

"I don't want to lie, Ann. I love you. I, I wanted to give you this, but I didn't. I was just to scared. It's, it's a ring. I wanted to marry you, but I couldn't ask. I was scared."

Yeah, like she would've married a scumbag like you. Ooooooh, I would love to see her reject you. You don't kill me, she kills you. Unfair man, unfair.

"I'll leave this ring here for you. I'll just set it right, right here. It's time I went, Ann. I love you. And, I promise, I'll, I'll tell Relm for you. I'll tell her who I am in person, I swear."

You don't have the guts! You couldn't tell her if yer life was on the line! You would be afraid that your flesh and blood would turn awayfrom you too.

"Ann, my name was Shadow. But, now, now it's Clyde again. You are the only, the ONLY person I can remember to actually call me by my real name. Not even people who knew it ever mentioned my name. You were always the strength and the courage that gave me the power to go on. I always hoped that you would wait for me and that if I fulfilled my destiny, that you would welcome me with open arms when I came to you. I still hope you will. I love you."

....Can't do it, punk. Wuss. Coward. Trash. Filth. Bastard. You abandoned me. You abandoned her. You abandoned your daughter. But you're goin' back to her? Back to your daughter too? Abandoned me. Clyde, you abandoned me, your best friend. You abandoned me, your partner. You abandoned me, the one who saved your life!

"Baram, no words of yours can change my course. Today, I am my own man. You never learned to love, Baram. May your soul never find peace."

-The End

Notes: I would like for people to know that this was meant to be like a first draft(it was, too.) In life, whenever somebody says something, it sticks. There is no going back. I wrote this with that in mind. "Don't change errors, don't make it sound better, just keep writing." Anyway, hope y'all(I live the South, sue me) liked this story. Insults and comments are both gladly accpeted at

Until my next story, syanara! -James

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