A sign of weakness?
(A Fan-Fiction of Final Fantasy VI and the possible outcomes thereof)
Written by Jon Gibson (crimsonmanticore@sharonapple.com)

    Times have changed... since the war with the maniacal Kefka, the world has tried desperately to regain its once prosperous glory. The Espers that were driven to almost non-existance have been restored to normal, and the union between the Espers and humans has been restored. Yet... I feel uneasy.

    My father told me once before that this feeling is what the humans call remorse... although, I have done nothing in which such a response is required. I wonder why... Then, there's Locke and Celes who can't seem to link up, due to the fact of Celes' rocky past getting in the way.

    Cyan has re-established his late King's empire of Doma and the damage done to the land has mostly been repaired... and he now teaches the soldiers to fight in his heroic and mysterious style called the Sword Technique, while his soldiers prepare in case that if the war were to be reborn through the remainder of the soldiers under Emperor Gestahl's command that they would be more than a match for them.

    And then there are Edgar and Sabin... Edgar is trying to encourage Sabin to take his side as joint-ruler, although I doubt he'll take this situation seriously and continue to live in his nomadic way, only stopping in towns when he needed food and shelter.

    My father has persuaded me on countless occasions to have my Esperian powers drained to a more manageable state so that an incindent like what happened in the Narshe Mines never happens again. Somehow, I'm surprised the people of those cities I nearly destroyed were able to forgive me... 

    Gogo, that mysterious mimic who was able to copy each of our attacks last I heard had re-established South Figaro for Edgar and has made it once again a town safe enough for law-abiding citizens, and since then has also established an army of his own with Edgar's help in order to keep the peace in the once-outlaw town.

    As for me, I've been under my father's tutolege and have been taking care of the people of the ruined Mobliz and using my Esperian powers, I have restored many of the homes and purified the ground so that crops will grow once more in the soil that once was fertile with life.

    Thamasa sadly has had a loss in its magic-rich town... our friend and masterful mage named Strago died shortly after the war. Relm, after a month of grieving has, with the mayor's approval has restored the teachings of the Ancients for magic-use. She has grown so much in these past months... I'm sure Strago must be watching her from the great beyond somewhere.

    Shadow, the mysterious ninja has given up his assassin heritage and instead resides at Thamasa with Relm. Although I'm really unsure of his intentions, he seems to have good intentions and helps Relm control her magic from exploding on her. She has a beautiful gift and most of the paintings she has drawn since the war have reflected her changing moods, from black and blue to literal rainbows of colors, she has seemed to control her paintings from coming to life.

    I still wonder if Shadow was told to watch Relm by someone, or if he is genuinely concerned about her. When I think back though, I remember those flashbacks and seeing Shadow talking to a stranger with Relm looking down from the staircase above. Maybe that stranger was Relm's father... her REAL father.

    In any case, I now am wondering what to do. I sense something grim will happen to us in the future. My father feels the same although he will not speak of it openly. I don't know whether or not these dark premonitions are truth... or are they just a sign of weakness... maybe I am letting my guard down? Or are these premonitions I am feeling the result of my human mind jumping to conclusions once again?

    As I finish these entries into this log, I wonder what is to become of us. Will we be remembered? When the time comes, will we be willing to act if these dark feelings I sense come to pass? I only wish I could calm my thoughts. Maybe then, these logs would just be the rantings of my aging mind. But for now... these thoughts still haunt me. I only pray for the sake of our future that I am wrong. But if I'm right, then heaven help me... heaven help us all.

-Terra, Priestess of the Espers